Borderlands 3’s Trial of Fervor is a new mode that allows players to explore the world and complete missions in order to unlock special rewards. This walkthrough will provide tips on how to complete the trial, as well as a list of all the possible rewards you can obtain.

The true trial of fervor location is a walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 trial.

The Trial Of Fervor is the fifth trial, which seems to be a carbon copy of Eden-6 but focuses on the local bandit community.

During these tests, you’ll face humanoid opponents in a location comparable to the bandit houses in the marshes.



The Trial Of Fervor is situated in the Skydrowned Pulpit, which can be accessed by completing the Discover The Trial Of Fervor task in the Jakobs Estate zone on Eden-6.


Area 1


When you initially approach the region, you’ll run across opponents that normally spawn in Eden-6, which are mainly bandits.


The bandits in the first region may appear in large numbers, so avoid being trapped in the midst of a swarm of foes, since there will be a variety of kinds including tinks, enforcers, zealots, and others.

Area 2


The second section will include even more bandit opponents from Eden-6, some of which will be more tougher than the previous ones, as well as the possibility of a loot adversary.


Aside from the tougher opponent kinds, you’ll come across at least one badass foe that can resist and inflict a lot of damage.

Area 3


The third section is similar to the second, with the exception that it seems to be very tiny, restricting your mobility and making it easy to get trapped between opponents.


Aside from battling in a confined space, there will be a variety of opponents, including unique ones like a rotting goliath and others.


Fervorous Hag


The Hag Of Fervor is a more powerful variant of the hag, an armored adversary that tinks typically climb on top of and ride while shooting at you.

Not only does the Hag Of Fervor have a lot of knockback strikes, but it can also resist many elements and absorb less damage from most weapons.


The Hag Of Fervor will have two sets of health, as well as a lot of armor, which you’ll have to drain twice to defeat it.



  • The bandits are very simple to dispatch if you can consistently hit headshots, particularly with high-damage weapons or ones that do significant elemental damage to flesh, such as incendiary.
  • Deal with the tougher opponents first so you can utilize the weaker ones to help you get back up when you’re downed.
  • Use corrosive elemental damage, which is powerful against armor, to remove the Hag Of Fervor’s armor.

The hag of fervor drops is a new weapon in Borderlands 3. This guide will help you find it and get your hands on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to discover the trial of fervor?

The trial of fervor is a level in the game that you must complete for free.

Can you farm hag of fervor?

No, it is not possible to farm the hag of fervor.

Where is proving grounds fervor?

The proving grounds fervor is not in the game yet. It will be released when its ready.

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