Borderlands 3 is a game that has been out for a while. The borderlands 3 trial of supremacy bug was present in the game when it first came out, but it has since been fixed.

The Trial Of Supremacy is the last of the six proving grounds, taking place in a zone comparable to that of Nekrotafeyo and offering a higher prize than the others.

You’ll face Nekrotafeyo adversaries including Dark Maliwan troops and Eridian Guardians in the Trial Of Supremacy.



The Trial Of Supremacy may be completed in The Hall Obsidian, which can be discovered in Desolator’s Edge on Nekrotafeyo after completing the Discover The Trial Of Supremacy objective.


Area 1


As soon as you reach the first section, you’ll run across the Dark Maliwan opponents, who are identical to the Maliwan you’ve seen in previous missions but are stronger and have a different look from the ones in Nekrotafeyo.


You will face Eridian Guardians in addition to Dark Maliwan opponents, which will force the two factions to battle each other as well as fight against you. 

Area 2


The second section will be identical to the first, except that there will be a lot of high ground available, which may be utilized to quickly pick opponents off and have a better perspective, since attackers will typically be hidden behind objects, making fighting them unpleasant.


Dropships with turrets that may shoot at you while passing by will often bring Dark Maliwan troops into the battle.

Area 3


As soon as you reach the third sector, you will be attacked by huge groups of Eridian Guardians who will fight you nonstop until you wipe them all out.


More Dark Maliwan troops will be sent into the region while battling against the Eridian Guardians, but this time they will include heavier foes as they spawn.


The Supremacy Sera


The Sera Of Supremacy, whose health is made up entirely of shields, will be introduced in the boss battle. This monster may inflict a significant amount of damage if you are struck by its strikes often.

There will be additional opponents there, such as Dark Maliwan soldiers, who may assault you throughout the battle. Keep an eye on them since they may attack you from behind.


When the Sera Of Supremacy’s health is reduced, it will regenerate and begin fighting you more aggressively, with new attacks that may inflict more damage.



  • The usage of shields is something that the Dark Maliwan and certain Eridian Guardians have in common, which may be difficult unless you have high-damaging weaponry.
  • Shock weapons, which inflict additional damage against shields, are a fantastic method to knock away the shields of the opponents you’ll face.
  • A shock weapon may rapidly drain the Sera Of Supremacy’s health since it only possesses health shields.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the trial of supremacy in Borderlands 3?

To get to the trial of supremacy, you must complete all trials in the game.

What happens when you complete all the trials in Borderlands 3?

The game will be over.

How do I get to the trial of fervor?

To get to the trial of fervor, you need to go through a series of trials. Each trial is unlocked by completing the previous trial.

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