Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular series. It offers a new way to play with friends, as well as a brand-new story that takes players back to Pandora.

The borderlands 3 divine retribution bug is a bug that has been present since the release of Borderlands 3. In this walkthrough, we will be going through the steps to fix the issue.

Tyreen has fled after you failed to halt The Destroyer and Pandora’s devastation, and it is up to you to put a stop to her once and for all.

Your goal is to travel to The Destroyer’s Rift, where Tyreen will await you, and you must put a stop to it once and for all.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Tyreen must be located.


Enter the vortex that was previously opened, which will take you to The Destroyer’s Rift, where Tyreen awaits your arrival.


There will be no more opponents in the area until you locate Tyreen, after which you must go to the boss battle area, resupplying at the vending machines if you run out of health or ammo.


Jump down the drop, which will lead you to Tyreen and The Destroyer’s position.

Tyreen The Destroyer must be defeated once and for all.


A cinematic will play as you descend, showing Tyreen was expecting you and has already taken possession of The Destroyer.


Tyreen will then combine with the destroyer, resulting in Tyreen The Destroyer, a massive monstrosity, and the battle will begin.


Defeat Tyreen The Destroyer, as well as any other foes she summons, until her health is completely drained.


When Tyreen The Destroyer is dead, go over to his corpse and look for the goods, where there should be another vault key.

The Vault is being raided.


When you get the vault key, Lilith will appear and instruct you to go inside the vault and plunder it.


May you find your way inside the vault and plunder whatever is within, bringing the quest to a close.


Continue ahead through the vault, looking for chests along the way, but keep an eye out for an Eridian Ascensionator in the very center.


Take the Eridian Ascensionator and return to Lilith and the others after you’ve finished plundering the vault.

The Firehawk is a bird of prey that can


A problem will still remain after you leave the vault since the moon is still destroying Pandora, but Lilith will have already reclaimed her abilities from the previously slain Tyreen The Destroyer.


Lilith will charge up her flowers and fly towards the moon to prevent it from destroying Pandora, sparing the planet and everyone else in the area.

She is eventually recognized to have died as a result of this, since she is never seen again and is now assumed to have sacrificed her life to rescue everyone else.

Lilith’s Personal Effects


Ava recommends that they examine Lilith’s room to see whether she left anything for them, and Tannis agrees that they should do so.


Return to Sanctuary and visit Lilith’s chamber, where you’ll find Ava and Tannis looking for any clues Lilith may have left behind.

You must give over the vault key that you obtained from Tyreen The Destroyer’s treasure.


Tannis will open a crimson chest, which will likely contain some rare, epic, or legendary goods for you to plunder.


After that, you’ll speak with Tannis, who will explain what the Eridian Ascentionator is for and how to install it on the ship.


Go to the spot indicated by a waypoint on your map where you will insert and put the Eridian Ascentionator.

Once you’ve put the Ascensionator, it will be triggered, causing the game to enter Mayhem Mode, which will provide extra effects and prizes that you may turn off at any time.

The tasks will likewise be completed in a short amount of time once the Ascentionator is placed.

Rewards for the Divine Retribution Mission


You will unlock Mayhem Mode and earn approximately 70,280 cash after completing the Divine Retribution quest.



  • Tyreen Because the Destroyer will have a lot of health, it’s a good idea to carry weapons that do a lot of damage and a lot of ammo.
  • To increase your chances of survival, be sure to stock up on the newest goods from Sanctuary that are level-appropriate.
  • Tyreen The Destroyer isn’t very powerful, and she may be defeated if you target her weak areas and avoid her lethal strikes.
  • If you are knocked out, store the additional flying foes for when you need a second wind.
  • Tyreen The Destroyer’s assaults are sluggish and easy to avoid if you maintain a large gap between you and her.
  • To avoid being surrounded and to ensure that you have enough room to evade her strikes, try to remain on the move at all times.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 walkthrough is a mission walkthrough for the game, Borderlands 3.

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