Borderlands 3 is a new game in the series, which has been developed by Gearbox Software. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Borderlands 3 butler is a character that appears in the game. He will help you out if you need it.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Floodmoor Basin is where you’ll find yourself.
  • 24th level

Locals have been terrorized by a group of bandits pestering them on their cars, murdering and threatening those who are unable to defend themselves.

You’ve been charged with eliminating the gang and its leader, Bloodflap, in order to put an end to their reign of terror on the Floodmoor Basin residents.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Take a look at the power outage.


After getting the assignment, go to Miller for a mission briefing on the corpse that was ran over by one of Bloodflap’s cars.


After speaking with Miller, a waypoint will be established where you will assault Bloodflap’s group.


Because all of the opponents you’ll be pursuing will be riding in cars, get a ride from a nearby catch-a-ride.


Proceed to the first waypoint, which will lead you to one of the gangs, which you must track down and eliminate.

If you get there soon enough, they’ll be leaving a garage, which you can simply kill and go on to the next.


Dismantle Bloodflap’s gangs so you can lure him out and hunt him down later.


To lure out Bloodflap, you must smash two cars before heading towards his position.


Head over to the new waypoint where Bloodflap may be located once you’ve destroyed two of Bloodflap’s gang cars.


When Bloodflap appears, follow him down and begin hitting him until his car is destroyed.


After you’ve destroyed Bloodflap’s car, he’ll perish in the explosion, and you’ll have to return to Miller.


Return to Miller to get your prizes after successfully completing the task.

Don’t Get Too Excited About Eden-6 Mission Rewards


Don’t Truck With Eden-6 is a task that rewards you with approximately 2,732 dollars and an amazing pistol called “dueling Marshal Master.”



  • Always double-check your map to ensure you’re on the correct track, since Eden-6’s layout may be difficult to grasp at first.
  • Bring a car since your opponents will be riding around the area and the task will take a long time if you do it on foot.
  • Make sure your vehicle has strong weaponry and that you bring one that can deal with other vehicles and opponents.
  • Try to arrive to the opponents as soon as possible so you can catch them as they leave their garage for a fast death.
  • Don’t be hesitant to ram an opponent with your car while shooting at it, since this is an excellent method to stop them from fleeing while also doing some serious damage.

The borderlands 3 prisa outrunner is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

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