With the release of Borderlands 3, players are being given a new opportunity to experience the game. The developers have introduced a new mode that allows players to complete missions in co-op with friends.

The borderlands 3 handsome jackpot walkthrough is a guide for the new Borderlands 3 mission, Double Down.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • The Spendopticon is where you’ll find the Spendopticon.
  • 50th level

Double Down Domino, an unscrupulous gambler and con artist, has challenged you and offered to make a bet that will lead to a succession of double downs that will take you from one thing to the next.

Your goal is to overcome all obstacles and win the bet against the gambler until they have no more money to wager.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.

Walkthrough of the Mission


The first task will be to locate the king of heats, which she claims to have hidden in one of the cards face down and instructs you to locate, but hold your horses since there is something very suspicious going on.


She seems to have cheated and the card is concealed under her hat, so go behind her and grab the card she has hidden. BMDD-4

She will inform you that she is doubling down and will make a larger wager for another challenge if you discover the card she concealed under her hat.


Double Down Domino will inform you that she has concealed three cards in the area, the first of which is at the foot of the statue in front of her stand, which you must shoot.


Another card is located at the very top, just above her stand, and may be seen by going backwards from it.


Another card may be discovered in the bushes to the right of the stand, near a sign directing to the market.


Double Down Domino informs you that she got you into her trap and that she is doubling down, offering you a new task to perform a 100 meter leap once you accomplish the challenge.


Timothy will offer you some advice and advise you to go to the impound because there is a method to finish the 100-meter jump.


Once you’ve entered the impound, go to the waypoint, where you’ll find a pump that may be broken to relieve pressure, allowing you to be tossed to the other side.


Once the pump has been damaged, it will release a large amount of pressure that you must avoid.


You’ll be launched into the air all the way to a damaged platform, where you’ll land and finish the task, prompting the gambler to double down once again.


You are challenged by Double Down Domino to deface a Handsome Jack monument, believing that you will not get away with it and will be murdered by guards.

Ember will inform you of a monument where people bathe, which is a secluded location where you can get away with defacing the Vice District’s Handsome Jack statue.


To complete the task, you must first get a toilet, which has been selected to replace the head of the Handsome Jack monument.


Make your way to the next waypoint, which will be the statue’s position, then use a melee attack to knock off the head.


After knocking off the head, a marker will appear, indicating that you may put the toilet by interacting with the headless statue.


After the monument is defiled, robots will be notified, and you must wipe them all out before continuing with the task, where Double Down Domino instructs you to return and speak with her.


Increase your stakes. Domino will be waiting for you when you return, and she will inform you that she is double down once again, this time with her own life, and she will begin attacking you.


Following the death of Double Down Domino, an ECHO log with a recording of her statement about doubling down once more will be dropped.


Your next mission is to go to Trashlantis, where the mayor has ordered you to go after the record issued a challenge to kill a “Shark.”


Following the waypoint will lead you to the lair of a bandit known as “The Shark,” whom you must then kill.


Surprisingly, Double Down Domino will eventually concede defeat, and the task will be completed shortly after.

Rewards for Double Down Missions


With the inclusion of the “Double Downer” epic shield mod, completing the Double Down quest will award you with approximately 69,360 cash.



  • To prevent wasting time racing around the region again and over again, it’s better to utilize the quick travel function.
  • Because you’ll be fighting both robotic and humanoid foes, corrosive and incendiary weapons are a smart option.
  • The Double Down assignment seems to be a mash-up of several fetch quests, and in order to complete them, you’ll need access to all of the distinct locations.

The double down blackjack is a mission in the Borderlands 3 game. This mission is to find and kill all of the bandits that are hiding out in the abandoned town.

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