Borderlands 3 is the latest in the long-running shooter series. The game has been released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC with a number of different editions.

Borderlands 3, the latest installment of the popular series, has a new level called Dump on Dumptruck. This is where players will have to use the dump truck’s trap door to get across.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • The Droughts are a place where there are a lot of droughts.
  • Level: 4

Dumptruck is a bandit who has been trashing the Crimson Raiders lately, which has enraged Ellie. It’s time to show him some manners.

You’ve been assigned to go to his location and take him out, and to make matters worse, Ellie has given you the additional job of shooting him in the ass.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Take a look at the power outage.


Get a car and go over to Dumptruck’s location after taking up the assignment from Ellie through the mission posted at Ellie’s garage.


When you get to Bloodbucket’s Chapel, make your way to the top, where Dumptruck will be.


Make your way to the bottom of the structure and down the stairwell, where attackers will be waiting for you and will attack you on sight.


The opponents won’t be too high leveled, so you should be able to take them out quickly. Keep an eye out for areas where you may fall down, since having to go all the way back up can be rather irritating.


Dumptruck will emerge from his quarters and begin attacking you by shooting at you or smashing you up close once you reach the top.

He’ll have a front-facing shield, which you may avoid by shooting low, maneuvering around him, or waiting for him to taunt you.


Dumptruck will tease you by turning around and shaking his rear at you from time to time, which is why Ellie has given you an extra prize to shoot him in the ass.

During the battle, he will taunt you many times, giving you the chance to shoot his back and complete the extra goal.

You just need to shoot him in the head once, after which you may use any other method to kill him.


When you shot Dumptruck in the back, the attack will become critical and a new phrase will appear, delivering a hilarious moment each time you do so.


Dumptruck will drop stuff when you kill him, and Ellie will inform you that there is more loot around, so you’ll have to search around before being taken to his storage, which has a locked trapdoor.


To activate the trapdoor, locate the power generator above the location where you battled Dumptruck and fire the target on top of it to activate the trapdoor.


Jump down to check out Dumptruck’s stockpile and start looting anything you want once the trapdoor is unlocked.


There will also be a red chest accessible, and Ellie will offer an explanation on red chests, which seems to be a tutorial regarding red chests and other unusual treasure.

Mission Reward for Taking Flight


You will be awarded with approximately 377 dollars after finishing the task, and if you completed the extra goal, Ellie will also offer you a rare handgun.



  • There are a lot of opponents that will give you a lot of experience if you are at a lower level or the same level as the task.
  • You have the option of murdering opponents using your car, which gives you less experience but makes the task simpler, or killing them on foot, which gives you more experience.
  • Dumptruck will tease you often, allowing you to easily shoot him in the ass, which you may do instead of attempting to run behind him and missing your shots.

The borderlands 3 dump on dump truck glitch is a glitch that allows players to skip the entire game. It has been found in Borderlands 3 and can be done by jumping on top of a truck and then jumping off before it crashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the trap door dumptruck in Borderlands 3?


Where is dump truck in Borderlands 3?

The dump truck is located in the south-east corner of Sanctuary.

Does dump truck drop a legendary?


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