Dynasty Dash is a new game in the Borderlands franchise that will have players take on the role of a new character, Eden-6, who has been tasked with saving humanity from the deadly “Eden Plague”. The game’s story is currently being developed by Gearbox Software.

The borderlands 3 dynasty dash eden-6 9 minutes is a walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 game. This video will tell you what to do in the game, and give you tips on how to beat it.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Reliance is located in the Floodmoor Basin.
  • 27th level

Beau needs assistance in delivering his Dynasty Burgers in Eden-6, and who better to assist him than the dependable vault hunter?

Your mission will be to deliver Dynasty Burgers to various locations around the region, and the quicker you deliver the burgers, the more prizes you will get.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting Your Hands On The Dynasty Burgers


Visit the Dynasty Burger cart, where the burgers are available for pickup and delivery.


Obtain a batch of burgers, which you will then be responsible for delivering to various locations throughout the map.

Delivering the Goods


Go yourself a car so that you can get about much quicker, but you may also do a little speed traveling now and again at the risk of missing certain signals that might save you time.


Check your map to make sure you’re on the proper track. This will save you time while also ensuring you’re traveling in the right direction.


When you get to the delivery waypoints, get out of your car and go over to the drop spot.


Interact with the drop point to deliver the Dynasty Burgers to their proper places before moving on to the next region.


Return to your truck and finish delivering the remaining orders as quickly as possible, since your bonus goal is determined by the time it takes you to complete all of the deliveries.

Extending the Time


Keep an eye out for glowing signs that may be blasted to extend time as you drive around and towards the next delivery destinations.

Beau has requested that you remove these signs because they belong to his rivals, and removing their signs increases him visibility while decreasing that of his competitors.


Keep an eye out for signs that may be damaged by your vehicle weaponry or your weapons if you’re on foot, so keep an eye out at all times.

Returning to Receive Your Reward


After you’ve completed all of the deliveries, return to the sign spinner to finish the task.

This task may be completed again for more cash and experience.

Eden-6 Mission Rewards in Dynasty Dash


Depending on how much time you have left after making the final delivery, you will earn approximately 3,838 cash and around 1022 extra cash after completing the Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 task.



  • Make sure you pick a car that you can easily handle and that has enough speed to get you around fast.
  • You may fast travel at times, but doing so reduces your chances of damaging several signs, thus it’s best to utilize a vehicle and fire while moving.
  • Because the task may be repeated, you can try and try until you obtain the timing you desire, or you can simply replay for pleasure or to earn more experience and money.

The dynasty dash: eden-6 rewards is a task that players can complete to unlock new items and weapons.

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