Dynasty Diner is a new game mode that provides players an opportunity to take on the role of a small business owner in Borderlands 3. The goal is to build up your diner, hire employees, and make it profitable by the end of the day.

The borderlands 3 dynasty diner glitch is a glitch that occurs in the game Borderlands 3. It allows players to get past a certain point without fighting enemies or completing missions.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet:Promethea
  • Meridian Metroplex is located in the state of Idaho.
  • 12th grade

Lorelei will ask you to assist them with their food issue and resurrect a specific someone’s burger company once you complete the Rise and Grind task.

Your mission will be to find Beau, the proprietor of the Dynasty Diner, and assist him in restoring his company so that he may provide tasty burgers to the Atlas troops.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Finding the Owner of The Dynasty Diner


Your first mission will be to find the diner owner, Beau, who has gone into hiding after Maliwan took over his restaurant and used it to feed their soldiers.

Grab a vehicle to get to Beau’s position quicker and to utilize the vehicle’s weaponry to eliminate any opponents in your path.

The Dynasty Diner is being cleaned up.


Beau will instruct you to drive over and clear out the Maliwan who have taken over his restaurant, and you will need to do so.

Getting the Diner Going


After you’ve cleared all the attackers in the restaurant, go inside and fire up the machine.


Locate the button that will spawn the burger bot, which is marked by a waypoint at the foot of the stairs leading down the restaurant, which you should be able to see after Beau has done talking.

Restocking the Meat Supply


You’ll need to gather ratch meat from the neighboring ratch cave since the restaurant seems to be out of meat samples.


Begin by killing ratch larva, then kill all the little ratches in the area until you reach the ratch nest, which will drop the flesh sample you need.


The ratch nest will be pulled out when you kill three ratch larva, and you will need to kill it to get the flesh sample.

If your weapons don’t do enough damage, this will be difficult to kill, therefore bring powerful weapons to hurry things up.


Pick up the ratch flesh that will be utilized as a meat sample for the diner’s burgers after destroying the ratch nest.


Return to the restaurant and put the meat sample to be digiscanned, then return to the bottom of the stairs to spawn the burger bot by pressing the button.

Archer Rowe is being hunted down.


The burger bot will ignore Beau and instead go for Archer Rowe, who has been a major issue for Lorelei.


Lorelei will tell you to follow the burger bot so that you may finally kill Archer Rowe and collect the burgers from the bot.


Enemies will obstruct your route on your journey to Archer Rowe, forcing the burger bot to go insane and throw burgers everywhere.

You’ll need to clear the way for the burger bot to get to its goal, which will take you to Archer Rowe.


There will be two instances when the road to Archer Rowe is closed and you must eliminate all opponents to continue.


The burger bot will inform Archer Rowe that the delivery has come once you reach at the area where he has been hidden, and Archer Rowe will be drawn out.

Fight Archer Rowe and kill him, as well as his allies, to complete the objective, but be cautious since Archer Rowe can inflict a lot of damage, so taking cover is a good idea.

Bringing The Dynasty Meal To You


After you’ve beaten Archer Rowe and his henchmen, take the Dynasty Meal and return to the Watershed headquarters to give it to Lorelei.


When you speak with Lorelei, who is waiting at the base, she will have a brief conversation with you before the mission is finished.

Rewards for Dynasty Missions


After completing the Dynasty Diner task, you will get 935 dollars and an unique rocket launcher known as the “Gettleburger,” which shoots burgers.



  • Because Maliwan soldiers are tougher than bandits and have shields that make them somewhat more difficult to kill, it’s best to target weak areas and avoid battling them in the open if there are many of them pursuing you.
  • It’s a good idea to have a vehicle with you to assist you clear away Maliwan soldiers as quickly as possible to conserve ammunition and destroy opponents quicker.
  • Archer Rowe is a much powerful than most opponents and will take a long time to defeat, therefore bring heavy weapons and aim for his weak point on his back, which is the ball-like item.

The borderlands 3 repeatable missions is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. This walkthrough will give you tips and tricks on how to complete each mission in the game.

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