Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter that follows the adventures of three new Vault Hunters as they fight to take down the evil Hyperion Corporation. The game has been released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with a release date of September 13th, 2018.

The borderlands 3 echonet neutrality glitch is a glitch that occurs in the game Borderlands 3. This glitch allows players to get past certain areas of the game without breaking any rules.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Roland’s Rest is located near Devil’s Razor.
  • 33rd level

A device has been throttling some of the local ECHOnet devices, creating severe latency that has become a major concern among the people, and they need your assistance to resolve the issue.

Your mission is to locate the source of the throttling and permanently eliminate it so that everyone may enjoy utilizing the ECHOnet.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Speaking with Edgren


After accepting the assignment, go to a tiny bunker where Edgren is stationed and speak with him to continue the operation.


Edgren will explain the issue and provide instructions before directing you to the ECHO Repeater Center.

I’m on my way to the ECHO Repeater Center.


Take a car or walk to the ECHO Repeater Center, which is indicated by a waypoint and conveniently situated close.


You must enter the location where UG-THAK is believed to be in order to destroy it and put an end to the chaos it is creating.


Continue on foot since cars are not permitted in the area, and keep an eye out for the Children Of The Vault who are stationed nearby.

locating UG-THAK


The waypoint will take you to a tower in the center of the region that is defended by Children Of The Vault.

A wooden panel concealing an entrance to where UG-THAK is situated will need to be removed in order to obtain access.


Simply take off the wooden panel blocking the door and enter to see where UG-THAK is hiding.


There will be a console within the tower that you may utilize to access a secret section.

UG-THAK is being attacked.


The device’s name seems to be UG-THAK, and you’ll need to destroy it to halt the throttling.


A firewall will emerge when you try to shoot UG-THAK, preventing any damage from being done to it.

The Firewall Is Being Removed


You must keep the Children Of The Vault at bay as Edgren AKA the Lord Of Skags tries to discover a way through the firewall.


The Lord Of Skags will inform you that you need to unlock the tubes in order to overload the firewall after defeating the Children Of The Vault invaders.


UG-THAK Must Be Destroyed Once And For All


Return to UG-THAK once the tubes have been overloaded, since the firewall will be taken down shortly.


The firewall that has been defending UG-THAK will vanish, leaving it unprotected and susceptible to attack.


To ultimately kill UG-THAK, use your weapon or any other assault to destroy it and return to Edgren.


When you reach Edgren’s location, talk with him to finish the task and get your prizes.

Neutrality Mission Rewards on ECHOnet


You will be awarded with approximately 15,152 euros and the legendary sniper weapon “The Two Time” if you complete the ECHOnet Neutrality quest.



  • The task is quite near to Edgren’s location, and you can get there on foot or by car, but the vehicle will clearly offer quicker travel and may even assist you in dispatching some of the bandits.
  • When you open the tubes to overload UG-THAK, you may disregard the other opponents and go straight for the valve, which you can then destroy.
  • Even if you are on the same level as the mission’s opponents, killing them all would be an excellent method to get experience.

The edgren borderlands 3 is a walkthrough video that will help you find all the ECHOnet Neutrality locations in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go for ECHOnet Neutrality?

You can contact the ECHOnet team at

How to Talk to Edgren Borderlands3?

You can find Edgren Borderlands 3 on the subreddit r/Borderlands3.

Where is Rolands rest in Borderlands 3?


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