Borderlands 3 is a loot-shooter game that has been in development for over 8 years. The latest installment will be released on September 13th, 2019 and players are already looking forward to the release of new content.

The borderlands 3 skullmasher farm is a location in Borderlands 3. This guide will show you how to kill, locate, and drops of the creature.

Eista is the Amourettes’ commander and acts as a boss, but she is also an ally who enjoys sparring with you from time to time.

You’ll first meet Eista in the mission The Horror In The Woods, and then again in all of the We Slass missions, where you’ll be assisting him in becoming stronger.

Eista will be fightable every time you start the game after completing all of the We Slass objectives, enabling him to be farmed.


When you initially meet Eista during the assignment The Horror In The Woods, you must first introduce yourself before befriending him, which leads to his assistance and a few sparring rounds with him.

Once all of the We Slass objectives have been completed, Eista will be unlocked as a fightable boss. He will battle you in his ultimate form, which includes an armor, shield, and life bar that you must exhaust.

Eista may be found at the Clan Amourettes camp during the We Slass tasks, and you can fight him again in the camp’s arena once the objectives are completed.

DLC “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” Other Bosses Guide

Eista is being hunted and killed.B3GLTB1-3

If you’re battling Eista, you’ve presumably already completed all of his previous missions and seen all of his skills.

His ultimate set of skills will most likely be a compilation of all he’s learned through the We Slass missions.


As you battle Eista in the arena, he will use all of his powers on you and sometimes strike you with melee attacks that may knock you back or launch you into the air.

To inflict the greatest damage while avoiding death, the best strategy to combat Eista is to maintain your distance and shoot at his vulnerable area repeatedly.

You may easily dodge Eista’s strikes by sidestepping and even leaping if it doesn’t conflict with your accuracy, making him very simple to defeat since his attacks will almost always miss.


Eista takes the same amount of damage as any other humanoid when shot in the head, but he does not seem to be stunned.

When utilizing automatic weapons and emptying a clip, aiming for his chest will result in the majority of your bullets inflicting critical damage, but those with more precision may just aim for his head and take controlled shots.

Attacks of Note



Apart from his regular attacks, which he will continue to utilize as well as any additional skills he acquires, this will be Eista’s fundamental ability.

If you are in range, Eista will jump into the air and smash into the ground, producing a fissure in front of him that does damage and knocks you back.

Sidestepping, leaping to the side, or even running to the side of where he is facing when he jumps may all be used to escape this.



This power is acquired during the We Slass quest and may be used by Eista in conjunction with his other abilities.

Eista will hurl a Fireball at you, which will bounce if it hits a surface and explode if it hits you.

You’ll see Eista drawing his hammer to the side and swinging it as he’s ready to activate this ability.

Staying on the go or side stepping may help you avoid this.

Breath of Frost


Once the We Slass Part 2 task is finished, Eista has access to this skill, which he will utilize with his other powers in any future battles.

Before traveling from side to side, Eista will lean back and inhale before unleashing a jet of ice and shooting it forward.

When you are impacted, this will do damage and slow you down. You may prevent this by simply maintaining your distance or moving to the side or behind Eista when he is ready to use it.



This ability will stay active after the We Slass Part 3 side quest, along with all of the other powers from previous missions.

This causes a ring to form around Eista, inflicting damage to anyone in its path each time the pulse grows.

To avoid receiving damage, stay away from Eista and out of the ring’s expanding range.

Drops of NoteB3GLTB1-10

Eista will drop items ranging from common to epic, with a possibility to drop legendary gear, particularly from the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC.

While Eista has the ability to drop legendary items from a huge table, he is most known for dropping Class Mods like:

  • Conductor (conductor) (Zane)
  • Sapper is a position in the military (Moze)
  • Stone of Punishment (Amara)
  • Tr4iner is a four-letter word that means ” (FL4K)


  • Eista is a sluggish character that may be avoided if you maintain a sufficient distance away from him, since his attacks are mainly directed at people who are close to him.
  • Bring a corrosive, shocking, or incendiary weapon with you, since each of these weapons will inflict greater damage to his armor, shields, and primary health.
  • When battling Eista, jumping and moving to the side may nearly make you invincible since his strikes need you to remain stationary or inside range.

The eista voice actor is a guide that will help players find out where to kill the Eistas, what their drops are and how they should attack them.

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