Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular loot-shooter series. The game has been highly anticipated, with many players hoping for a return to form after the lackluster release of Borderlands 2.

The empowered grawn respawn is a type of enemy in the Borderlands 3 video game. They are able to kill players with their attacks and drops that can be collected by other players.

The Empowered Grawn is a monster that appears during The Mountain Of Mayhem, a quest in which you try to get a sample of the Gythian Heart.

The Empowered Grawn, who seems to be a regular grawn but has been granted increased strength by Eleanor, was dispatched to murder you during your effort to collect the heart sample.

When up close, the Empowered Grawn utilizes a huge shield and axe to deflect your shots and strike you.


After taking the sample of the Heart Of Gythian during The Mountain Of Mayhem, which leads you to Negul Neshai, you’ll come across the Empowered Grawn, but you won’t be able to fight him since he’s invulnerable.

This happens after Deathtrap has been supercharged and turned off, however later in the battle, Deathtrap will deactivate the Empowered Grawn’s invulnerability and fight with you to take it down.

DLC “Guns, Love, and Tentacles” Other Bosses Guide

Empowered Grawn Fighting & KillingB3GLTB2-3

The Empowered Grawn will charge towards you to narrow the gap between you, and then it will try to attack you with close range attacks or abilities.

You should maintain a safe distance from it and take shelter from the foes it summons, since they are more dangerous than the Empowered Grawn.


There will be times when the Empowered Grawn is invulnerable, and you won’t be able to harm it until the barrier it has built is demolished.

During the battle, Deathtrap will use its beam assault to strike the Empowered Grawn, breaking the barrier and enabling you to damage the Empowered Grawn once again.

Deathtrap will not only attack the Empowered Grawn, but it will also speak to surrounding foes, making it advantageous to remain close by.


The Empowered Grawn’s head, like the heads of all other Bonded foes, is its weak point, and it takes more damage when attacked.

The Empowered Grawn is simple to damage because to its big helmet, but you will need to adapt early on since it will have a shield.

Attacks of Note

Charge Your Shield


The Empowered Grawn rushes forward with its shield in front of it, ready to smash you and then swing its weapon.

You may avoid this assault by getting out of the path when it starts charging forward, or you can take advantage of the situation and shoot it from behind.

Splitter for the Ground


The Empowered Grawn shoots out tentacles that split the earth under it, inflicting damage to people in a wide radius, after jumping into the air and hitting the ground.

Move aside as soon as you see the Empowered Grown hit the ground, as there will be three pulses, which you may use to your advantage to take free shots.



The Empowered Grawn builds a barrier and becomes invulnerable for a short time before unleashing a barrage of blood-like missiles at your position.

To avoid being struck, keep moving about and wait for Deathtrap to assault the barrier, exposing the Empowered Grawn once again.

Drops of NoteB3GLTB2-9

The Empowered Grawn will drop common to epic treasure, with a decent possibility of legendary gear.

The Empowered Grawn has been shown to have a high probability of dropping the following items:

  • Hawt Seeryul Killer is a fictional character created by Hawt Seeryul (Assault Rifle)
  • Flama Diddle Firesale (Shotgun)
  • the oldridian (Submachine Gun)
  • a state of chaos (Shotgun)

Other Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC gear may also drop.


  • Stay as mobile as possible to avoid being struck by the Empowered Grawn’s Bombardment assault, as well as the other Bonded that spawn alongside it.
  • To avoid taking more damage than required during the invulnerable periods, aim to pick off the other Bonded.
  • Because the Empowered Grawn is sluggish and easily outmanoeuvred and backstabbed, the Bonded who are with it are the primary issue.
  • Using incendiary weapons will inflict more damage, and aiming at the Empowered Grawn’s head will result in critical strikes, resulting in a significant damage output against his head.

The borderlands 3 wait for deathtrap is a strategy that will help players kill enemies and get rare loot. It’s best to use this strategy before entering the fight with a boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the empowered grawn?

The empowered grawn is immune to all weapons.

Can you farm empowered grawn?

No, empowered grawn cannot be farmed.

What does the empowered scholar drop?

The empowered scholar drop is an item that can be found in the game. It has a chance of dropping from any of the bosses in the game.

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