The fabricator is an item that can be found in Borderlands 3. It’s a tool for creating new weapons, shields and grenades! This guide will teach you how to find the fabricator, what it does, its location, drops and attacks.

The borderlands 3 fabricator too hard is a weapon that can be used to kill enemies and collect their drops. There are many different ways to use the weapons, so read this guide for more information on how to get the most out of your Borderlands 3 Fabricator.

Fabricator is a huge robot monster that appears throughout the Jack’s Wild quest and stops you from progressing any further until it is destroyed.

It has a huge arsenal of weaponry and is backed up by many other robots, so you’ll need to be accurate and quick to escape death and do some damage.


Fabricator will descend down to your position as soon as you reach a huge area called “Prototype Testing Arena and Cheater Disposal,” before engaging in battle with you.

It has a lot of weapons, but with the proper weapons and skills, it can be easily outsmarted and defeated.

Fabricator who fights and kills


Fabricator will remain in one location, making it simpler for you to locate cover and move about, but be aware that it may be assisted by robots and may even generate some.


Fabricator is best avoided since it is stationary, but bear in mind that it is capable of a slam attack if you approach too near, and its missiles have a higher chance of hitting you if you are close to it.


The best and quickest method to defeat Fabricator is to keep your distance and target its weak areas, particularly if you have the proper components with you.



You’ll see glowing portions of its body that appear to be an optical or laser part of its body, which appears to be its weak point, and since they’re all around it, you may fire at it.


It will suffer extra damage if you hit the bright red weak spots, since it causes critical damage to the robot.

Attacks of Note

Shock Ball, Giant


A huge shock ball is charged and thrown towards your position, and while in flight, it may home in on you undetected.

You’ll readily see that it’s charged up, and whether it’s been released or is still charging, you’ll need to fire the shock ball to get rid of it.

Barrage of Rockets


The Fabricator latches on to your location for a brief time before firing rockets into the sky, raining down on the spot where you were standing when it locked on to you.

To prevent being blown up, as soon as you see The Fabricator open up and launch a rocket, get as far away from the targets as possible to escape initial or splash damage.

Shots Scattered


The Fabricator will begin shooting laser bullets in all directions as soon as it starts spinning up, with a possibility of hitting you or passing you by.

To avoid the dispersed bullets fired during this assault, keep moving or hide behind cover while it is firing.


Drops of Note


Fabricator will drop a lot of money and goods when destroyed, but there is also a better weapon that can be acquired.


The Ion Cannon is one of the most powerful legendary weapons in the game, with damage consistently surpassing 15,000 at level 50.



  • Corrosive weaponry, as well as shock weapons, may assist you deal with the level’s robots and tear down shields faster.
  • Most robots may do a lot of damage if you don’t take them out, therefore it’s best to avoid rushing through them.
  • Fabrication’s immobility makes it simple to avoid its assaults, but taking shelter is also a smart idea so you can fire other opponents nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill the fabricator in Borderlands 3?


How do you get legendary from Eridian fabricator?

You can get legendary from the Eridian Fabricator, which is a crafting station in Fallout 76.

Where is the fabricator bl3?

The fabricator is in the center of the map, near the exit.

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