Borderlands 3 Fire in the Sky Walkthrough is a guide to help you get through the game. It includes all of the missions, collectibles, and side quests that are available in this game.

The borderlands 3 cistern of slaughter is a mission in the game Borderlands 3. It is the first mission in the campaign and starts with Jack finding out that Claptrap has gone missing.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Nekrotafeyo is a planet.
  • Desolation’s Edge is a location in the game Desolation’s Edge.
  • 36th level

Since Typhon DeLeon’s death, his companion robots have felt compelled to do something in his honor.

Your goal will be to assist the robots in assembling a rocket that will be sent into the sky carrying Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Gathering Rocket Parts and the Detonator


You must gather rocket components after getting the assignment in order to send his ECHO log into the sky.

Collect all three components required to construct the rocket that are hidden within the research facility.


After you’ve collected all three components, you’ll need to get the detonator, which will be utilized to launch the rocket.

Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO Logs Have Been Found


Continue on your journey to find Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs, passing via a site besieged by Maliwan troops that you must wipe out.


To continue with the task, fight through all of the opponents and clear the area of all enemies once you arrive.


One of the Maliwan opponents in the region will be carrying one of Typhon DeLeon’s ECHO logs, necessitating his death.

Pick up the ECHO log after killing him and go to the next waypoint to collect the next one.


As you get closer to the next waypoint, you’ll see the second ECHO log on top of a platform, which you’ll have to fire in order for it to fall to the ground.


Climb up to the location or fire it from where you’re standing, causing it to fall to the ground below.


Pick up the ECHO log that has fallen on the ground and go to the next waypoint to get the third one.


An Omega Mantakore will be waiting for you when you arrive at the waypoint, which you must kill in order to collect the third ECHO log.


After you’ve slain the Omega Mantokore, the ECHO log should emerge nearby, and you’ll need to pick it up to go on with the task.

Getting the Rocket Ready


Go to the waypointed spot and assemble together the rocket one component at a time.


Place the three ECHO logs you just gathered into the freshly built rocket that will be blasted into the sky with it.


After you’ve finished building and preparing the rocket for takeoff, go to the waypoint and put the detonator you’ll need to launch it into the sky.

The Rocket Is Launched


When you detonate the detonator, the rocket will be launched into the air, satisfying Typhon DeLeon’s companions’ demands.


Return to Typhon DeLeon’s friends and talk with them to finish the task after the rocket has been launched and successfully exploded in the sky.

Mission Reward: Fire In The Sky


You will get approximately 10,644 cash after completing the Fire In The Sky task.



  • All locations may be explored, with the exception of those that must be cleared as part of certain goals.
  • The Omega Mantakore is a weak opponent that may be easily dispatched by maintaining a safe distance and blasting it with powerful weapons.
  • You’ll be fighting a lot of Maliwans, so shock and incendiary weapons may help you do a lot of damage.

The borderlands 3 new missions is a walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 Fire in the Sky DLC. It includes all of the missions that are available in the DLC.

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