The Borderlands 3 FL4K build is a high-damage, low-cost, and highly mobile build with the capability to tear through enemies in seconds. This guide will teach you how to make this build work for you.

The borderlands 3 fl4k build solo is a guide that will help you get the most out of your Borderlands 3 experience.

FL4K, the Beastmaster, is a robot with hunter-like qualities that pursues and tracks down his prey with the help of a loyal friend who accompanies him and assists him in combat.

His many talents enable you to choose how you want to play him, allowing you to choose between a skill damage build, a stealth build, or a companion-based build.

Build a Stalker


The Stalker build emphasizes being able to do a lot of damage with FL4weapons K’s while also using his active talent to get an advantage in stealth and critical hits.

Furious Attack is useful not just later in the game, but also early on, since the gain in both handling and gun damage from simply hurting opponents makes a huge impact.

When FL4K or his partner kills an opponent, Eager To Impress becomes very important in his build since it enables his active ability to cooldown quicker.

While we only have Self-Repairing at level 2, the damage mitigation and health restoration provided by Turn Tail and Run provide a fair degree of resilience.

Aside from the survivability increases from Turn Tail and Run, which also enhance damage when standing still and firing rate, which works well with Hidden Machine, which provides greater damage while unseen or untargeted by opponents.

Fl4K has a high level of survivability because to Rage and Recover, since he may use the health regeneration after kills while moving about or becoming invisible.

The Power Inside is very important and overwhelming since it allows FL4K to inflict greater damage after utilizing his active talent.


FL4active K’s ability, Fade Away, enables him to become invisible for a short amount of time while also providing three charges that cause all of his shots to inflict critical damage, offering him a stealthy approach as well as a high damage output.

FL4K gets increased health regeneration and movement speed when Fade Away is active, allowing him to utilize the active ability to reposition himself, avoid danger, and primarily deliver large quantities of damage.

We utilize the Until Your Dead augment to keep the benefits of movement speed and health regeneration active for a period of time after the ability expires, and we also employ Unblinking Eye to enhance the critical damage dealt to enemies each time they are shot.

The Gunslinger Jabber was selected as the pet for this build because it increases FL4movement K’s speed, allowing him faster relocation as well as greater critical damage, further boosting his damaging potential.


When a more cautious approach to battling opponents is desired, this build works well, and FL4K gains greater survivability by being able to regenerate health often and utilize his active skill to gain an edge in combat.

Along with Head Count, Eager To Impress offers a significant boost to the hunter skill tree, enabling FL4K to decrease the cooldown often, allowing him to utilize Fade Away many times.

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Build a Hunter


With quick firing and enhanced damage owing to fast shots with a possibility for extra hits and the use of Rakk Attack, the Hunter build concentrates on delivering large quantities of consecutive damage to opponents.

Leave No Trace is essential for this build since it increases the likelihood of adding ammo to FL4magazine K’s with whatever weapon he is using, enabling him to fire more rounds before reloading.

This build benefits from Avatar since it enables you to recast your current skill without waiting for it to cool down, which is very helpful when you need to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

When FL4K kills an opponent, his reload speed is enhanced, and it is doubled when he kills an enemy with a critical hit. This allows for more consecutive shots regardless of the weapon, and it typically makes a big impact with weapons that have a smaller magazine.

When critical strikes happen, Head Count allows active abilities to cool down quicker, which may easily refill the charges for Rakk Attack, enabling FL4K to practically spam his ability the majority of the time.

Two F4ng allows FL4shots K’s to fire an additional round, significantly boosting the amount of damage that can be done in a short period of time, and because there is no cooldown, this may happen indefinitely.

Big Game boosts the efficacy and duration of FL4hunter K’s abilities, which is excellent for overall performance, particularly with the inclusion of The Most Dangerous Game passive, which boosts gun damage, critical hit damage, and handling after killing a badass foe.

Galactic Shadow permanently boosts FL4critical K’s damage and makes his assaults even more lethal by allowing him to fire several rounds before reloading.

Grim Harvest increases gun and active skill damage permanently, which fits nicely with the playstyle of this build since FL4K will be shooting a lot of bullets and utilizing Rakk Attack to combat opponents.

We have Megavore to reinforce the build and contribute to all of the passives, making the play for this build even more successful. Megavore increases FL4weapons’ K’s critical chance while shooting at opponents, which can happen regardless of where he shoots them.


We add the Rakk Attack active talent to FL4ability K’s to fire numerous bullets and deliver multiple critical hits, which may subsequently be spammed while causing damage, giving FL4K the capacity to inflict a large amount of damage per second.

Flock & Load is chosen to increase the number of Rakks unleashed while using Rakk Attack, while Rakkcelerate is chosen to increase the current skill’s charges while also increasing the cooldown.

The Spiderant Scorcher has been chosen as a pet since it boosts elemental damage as well as FL4life K’s restoration.

Although the Scorcher Spiderant aids in damage and survivability, some players consider it an inferior companion and prefer to use a Jabber from the Stalker skill tree instead.


Because of the potential to deal a lot of critical hits and the benefit of utilizing Rakk Attack many times during combat, FL4K will deal a lot of damage with this build.

This build provides a lot of damage for a little less mobility and survivability, but it’s still extremely powerful, particularly when utilized by experienced players.

Master Construction


The Master build is mostly focused on FL4pets, K’s making them powerful and capable of delivering large levels of damage to aid him in battle.

Ferocity enables pets to do more damage right away, since it is one of FL4initial K’s abilities on the Master skill tree, and Go For The Eyes makes its first attack against any adversary to be a critical hit, as well as boosting the damage of all critical hits.

Who came to the rescue? This is important for survival since it enables FL4K to keep his companion alive when he deals damage, and his pet to give him greater health regeneration when it strikes an opponent, enabling them both to survive longer in combat.

When the companion does damage, Frenzy enhances FL4and K’s his companion’s damage, boosting the damage output for both of them.

When FL4K kills an opponent, Psycho Head On A Stick allows him to enhance the performance of his pet, giving it greater movement speed and damage.

Because this build is primarily focused on FL4companion, K’s adding barbarian yawp to the build compensates for any flaws by boosting the stat benefit that pets provide FL4K, enabling him to compete with his pet in terms of performance.

This construct benefits from Mutated Defenses since it gets greater damage mitigation and health regeneration while it is near death, enabling it to remain alive longer during battles.

Pack Tactics permanently boosts FL4K and his dogs’ damage and maximum health, which is useful at higher levels.

Dominate is a one-of-a-kind passive that enables FL4K to make an opponent fight for him for a certain amount of time while also taking damage, enabling him to do greater damage.


With this build, we utilize Gamma Burst as the active skill because it enables FL4K to teleport his pet to a specified place, dealing damage in the region while also momentarily increasing the pet’s size and increasing its radiation damage.

While Gamma Burst is combined with Atomic Aroma, the pet develops an aura that delivers radiation damage to surrounding opponents, allowing the pet to inflict more damage per second when battling enemies.

The Endurance enhancement enables Gamma Burst’s benefits to linger longer each time an opponent is destroyed, as well as providing additional damage that accumulates for a bigger boost.


FL4pet K’s is mostly used during battles and can tank most opponents while doing a significant amount of damage. Even after FL4K is fallen, the pet can take out enemies to revive him.

Not only does the pet do a lot of damage and survive it, but it also gives FL4K a boost that makes him stronger. This works well together since FL4K and his pet both deal a lot of damage to opponents while FL4K can sit back and let his pet tank for him.

The Great Horned Skag is used to enhance gun damage and overall damage, as well as to knock opponents into the air.

The Eridian Skag may also be selected for its increased damage and firing rate, as well as its Singularity strike, which draws opponents closer to you.



FL4K has a variety of playstyles, and with his pets, he can be played in a variety of entertaining and successful ways, depending on who you want to confront your opponents.

Aside from the benefits that FL4K receives when a pet is chosen, each pet has its own unique attack that may be used strategically.

The borderlands 3 best fl4k build is a guide that was created to help people who are trying to find the best way to play Borderlands 3. The guide includes information about weapons, builds, and strategies for playing Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best build for Fl4k in Borderlands 3?

It is best to go with the ‘Junkrat’ build, as it has a lot of health and damage.

Is Fl4k good in Borderlands 3?

Fl4k is a good character in Borderlands 3.

What skill tree is best for Fl4k?

The best skill tree for Fl4k is the one that matches your playstyle.

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