Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It was released on September 13, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Borderlands 3 has a new mission called Footsteps of Giants. This mission is bugged and the game only gives players a few seconds to complete it.

You and Typhon DeLeon set out to acquire the final vault key that will be required to power up “The Machine” in the Footsteps Of Giants quest, and only he can assist you in obtaining the last vault key.

On Nekrotafeyo, you must search the vault for the key, and Typhon DeLeon will later help you with the job.

Walkthrough of the Mission

On My Way To The Vault


Obtain a car and go to the vault, which will be located in a Maliwan-controlled region.


Follow the waypoint to the vault, which will lead you via a number of different places.


General Traunt, the brother of Captain Traunt whom you fought on Athenas, will contact you as you make your way to the vault.

Getting the Area Clean


To continue with the task, you must clear all opponents, including elite mechs, after you reach the open Maliwan region.


You’ll need to disable a barrier powered by a generator that can be seen from afar once you’ve cleared off the opponents in the region.


You’ll need to locate higher ground to obtain a clean shot at the generator, which can be discovered across the shield barrier as a stack of crates that you may climb up on.


You should be able to have a clean shot at the generator once you’re on higher ground, allowing you to destroy it.

Alternative Route


Return to the vault until the bridge you’re going to cross is blown up, forcing you to take a different path to the vault.


You’ll need to go to Quietus Pike, which is an alternative route to the vault that mostly contains Nekrotafeyo guards or creatures strewn around.


By following the alternative way to the vault door, you will soon arrive at a drop where General Traunt will be waiting.

Taking Care Of Traunt In General


To continue with the objective, descend into the boss battle area and fight and defeat General Traunt.


General Traunt will be waiting for you when you leap down and will begin attacking you, so be ready to battle.


Deal with General Traunt, who is identical to Captain Traunt from Athenas except that his assaults are different.

Once you’ve finished and slain General Traunt, go inside the temple to the vault.

Keeping Going To The Vault


As you make your way towards the temple that will take you to the Tazendeer Ruins, you will encounter numerous guards that you may either battle or flee through.


Enter the Tazendeer Ruins zone after you’ve arrived, and continue on your journey to the waypoint.


Continue to the temple, where Maliwan troops will have already built up an area that you will access after battling numerous opponents.

The Elevator of Eridian


Continue further inside the temple so Typhon DeLeon may contact you and give you information on how to continue, which will need you to power up and utilize an Eridian-designed elevator.


The power sources have been taken from the elevator, and you must retrieve them, which are Eridian crystals.

One of the Eridian crystals will be placed on a Maliwan power generator, which you may take.


Grab the crystal from the Maliwan power generator so you may use it to power up the elevator.


Place the Eridian crystal on the statue to power the elevator you’ll use later, but the power is still insufficient since one of the crystals is still missing.


Lieutenant Preston will appear out of nowhere, claiming to have obtained another Eridian crystal, which you may get after beating him.


Pick up the Eridian crystal that Lieutenant Preston drops and go to the other statue where you’ll put it once you’ve slain him.


To finish providing electricity for the elevator that you need to utilize, place the Eridian crystal on the second statue.


The second statue will be facing the incorrect direction, and you’ll need to move it with the keyboard nearby in order to power up the elevator correctly.

Typhon DeLeon is scheduled to meet with you.


Once the statue has been relocated, go to the elevator controls and utilize them to transport yourself to the location indicated by the waypoint.


Continue on your journey to the vault by either leaping from platform to platform or climbing along the sides of a bridge-like route.


Fight your way down the corridors to the vault, where you’ll meet up with Typhon DeLeon shortly.


Another drop will be in your way as you continue on your journey to the waypoint, and you must leap down and continue on your way to the waypoint.


When you reach the waypoint, you’ll be in a chamber with an Eridian teleport, which you’ll use to summon Typhon DeLeon.


Typhon DeLeon will be brought to your position after using the Eridian teleporter, and you must accompany him to the next destination.

The Key to the Last Vault


You and Typhon will make your way to his wife’s grave, where he has also buried the final vault key.


Typhon DeLeon will inform you that the vault key is not in the grave, but rather in the tombstone, and that he will open it up personally if you excavate the grave to locate it.


Take the vault key from the tombstone and go to the vault with Typhon DeLeon to deposit it.

Getting Into The Vault


Place the vault key to unlock the vault, allowing you and Typhon DeLeon to enter as he says he needs your assistance to look at something.


When you enter the vault, Typhon DeLeon laughs and tells you that he has already plundered it, but he also offers you his weapon as a prize.


Typhon DeLeon will then give you the Eridian Fabricator, which he has been using to create random weapons for you before.

The task will be completed after you have taken the weapon from Typhon DeLeon.

Mission Reward: Giants’ Footsteps


You will be awarded with approximately 14,192 coins and the legendary weapon “Eridian Fabricator” after completing the Footsteps Of Giants quest.



  • Running through opponents and toward waypoints can save you a lot of time, particularly if you are a higher level than the other adversaries.
  • You’ll be up against a variety of foes, including Maliwan troops, guardians, and wild animals, so using corrosive and shock weapons may help you gain an edge.
  • General Traunt’s assaults are almost identical to Captain Traunt’s, with the exception that his attacks are somewhat different and include distinct components.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 the droughts walkthrough is a guide that will help players complete the footstep mission in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What planet is Footsteps of Giants?

Footsteps of Giants is a song by the band The Knife. It was released in 2005 and is about the planet Earth.

Where is the vault on Nekrotafeyo?

The vault is located on the right side of the map.

How do you get the vault key in Borderlands 3?

The Vault Key is a secret item that can only be obtained by completing the games main quest.

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