Borderlands 3 Freddie The Traitor Guide is the most recent guide to be released for the game. It details everything you need to know about how to kill, location, drops and attacks in the game.

Freddie the Traitor Guide: How to Kill, Location, Drops & Attacks is a guide on how to kill Freddie The Traitor in Borderlands 3. This is a level 2 guide and includes locations, drops and attacks for this character.

Freddie The Traitor is a boss that appears during the All Bets Off assignment and again during Moxxi’s Heist when you get to the final boss battle.

He was meant to be with your group, but he turned against you after being enticed by a bargain offered by Pretty Boy.


During the All Bets Off assignment, you’ll face Freddie The Traitor, who is backed by by a horde of robots as you make your way towards Pretty Boy, and he’s more of an intervention than a boss.

Killing & Fighting Freddie The Traitor is a character in the film Freddie The Traitor


Anything but Freddie The Traitor is aggressive and dangerous in this boss battle, as he mostly simply sits back and expects his robots to do all the work.

Keep an eye out for Petunia and Dandelion (the two robots that held him during his debut), since they are more powerful than the others and can kill you.


You may either start by killing the robots and ignoring Freddie The Traitor, or the other way around, since you will have to finish off whatever is left. Since the robots move towards you, they are simpler to kill, while Freddie The Traitor will keep running away.


Freddie is being pursued. While the other robots are present, the Traitor may and will likely kill you, since he is more of a diversion in the boss battle.



Freddie Because the Traitor is a humanoid opponent, hitting him in the head with your shots will cause him to suffer more damage.

Attacks of Note


If you approach too near, Freddie will do nothing except fire at you from afar, summon additional robots, or assault you with a melee attack.

Drops of Note


Freddie Like most opponents in the quest, the Traitor will drop uncommon to epic gear, with a high possibility of dropping a legendary weapon.


When Freddie The Traitor is slain during the boss battle, the AutoAime legendary sniper rifle may drop.



  • Because robots would be the biggest danger on this expedition, carrying a corrosive weapon may be quite useful.
  • Most robots move slowly and may be easily outsmarted, enabling you to concentrate on other activities or objectives.
  • For most people, taking out Petunia and Dandelion first is a smart option since Freddie The Traitor will typically flee, making pursuing him dangerous because robots may attack you while you are preoccupied.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Freddie the traitor drop?

Freddie the traitor drops a random item from the following list:

Where do I fight Freddie the traitor?

You can find Freddie in the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

How do I farm Freddie the traitor?

There is no way to farm Freddie the traitor.

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