The Borderlands 3 Gigamind Guide is a comprehensive guide to help you kill, locate and loot the best gear in the game. It includes all of the locations on Pandora where you can find weapons, shields and other items that drop from enemies.

The borderlands 3 gigamind location is a guide that tells players where to find certain enemies in the game. It also has information on drops and attacks.

Gigamind is a boss that emerges as a robotic opponent with just a brain as its organic component in the Hostile Takeover Mission.

He has a mechanical body and tiny drones that follow him around and help him move and attack. He typically glides about on his hoverboard.


In the Hostile Takeover assignment, you will be pitted against Gigamind and some Maliwan troops in an effort to capture its brain in order to get information that Atlas need.

Gigamind combat and assassination


Gigamind may be a pain to battle since it can generate a barrier that protects him from all damage, however this can easily be avoided by moving about and shooting him in different places, as the shield just protects the front.

There will be Maliwan troops assisting Gigamind, but they should be ignored and set aside for later slaughter if you are downed.

When you approach near to Gigamind, it will try to flee, giving you the chance to fire several bullets at it and its vulnerable places.


When its shield is charged, it emits a greenish light that eventually becomes yellow, orange, and red, indicating that it is about to launch missiles.

When Gigamind’s shield is completely charged, avoid standing in front of it since the missiles may do a lot of damage.

Moving around Gigamind in a circular route is an excellent strategy for getting shots from his side or the vulnerable area on his back.

Staying in motion will also assist you escape assaults from surrounding opponents and any projectiles aimed at you by Gigamind.



The generator for Gigamind’s suit is located on his back, which you should be able to strike from afar or close depending on how you battle.

Continue to move around and attempt to get behind or to the side of it so you can take a few solid shoots at its weak area. This will help you destroy it quicker.

Attacks of Note

Laser that has been charged


The color of Gigaminds shield will shift from green to red as it charges up, and once it is activated, it will be able to fire missiles at you.

To avoid taking damage, stay out of the path while the shield is red or seek shelter when he starts shooting at you.

Bombs dropped by drones


Gigamind’s drones will be able to create bombs that will be thrown at you and cause explosive damage, although this may easily be avoided by firing the bombs or finding shelter.

Drops of Note


Along with the quest item Gigabrain, Gigamind will drop a lot of random treasure that is generally uncommon but has a possibility to be rarer.

You must acquire the Gigabrain since it is required for the Hostile Takeover assignment, which is why you are battling Gigamind in the first place.



  • When battling Gigamind, move about and avoid stopping or remaining in one place to avoid having your strikes blocked and being damaged by opponents or explosives.
  • Keep your distance from its shield, since it may inflict a lot of damage if you receive too many missiles from it.
  • When Gigamind’s shield is active, avoid fighting him up close since most of your strikes will miss him if they aren’t powerful enough to shatter the barrier.
  • Aim for his weak area on his back, which you can easily expose by moving around Gigamind, which has a hard time tracking your movement and will ultimately turn around, allowing you a clean shot at its back.

The borderlands 3 best farming locations 2021 is a guide that will help players find the most efficient places to farm for items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I kill Gigamind in Borderlands 3?

Currently, there is no way to kill Gigamind in Borderlands 3.

What loot does Gigamind drop?

Gigamind is a unique boss that can be found in the games second chapter. It drops a variety of loot, including rare and epic items.

What Legendaries does Gigamind drop?

The following Legendaries can be found in Gigamind:

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