Borderlands 3 is an FPS game developed by Gearbox Software. It has a unique art style that is heavily influenced by the aesthetics of 80s action movies, and it tells the story of four Vault Hunters who are on a quest to find the Vault key that will unlock the vault containing treasure beyond imagination.

The Borderlands 3 the anvil walkthrough is a mission walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It will help you with all of your questions and concerns about the game, along with tips on how to complete it.

As the Crimson Raiders prepare to go to Eden-6, they learn that Hammerlock has been kidnapped and that Jakobs is being attacked, necessitating their immediate action since the next vault site is already known to them.

You’ve been assigned to go to Eden-6 and then to the Jakobs estate to assist them in rescuing Hammerlock from his kidnappers.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Leaving for Eden #6


Navigate Sanctuary to Eden-6, where Jakobs is being assaulted, after the mission briefing.


From the landing zone, take the drop pod down to the surface so you may make your way to their mansion.

Visiting the Jakobs Estate


When you get at the landing location, go to the closest catch-a-ride, which will be located towards the bottom of the area you’ve landed at.


Jump down and utilize the catch-a-ride feature to digistruct your car, which you’ll need since the distance from your position is too great to walk.


Drive to the waypoint indicating your route to The Jakobs Estate in whatever car you’ve decided to digistruct.


You may come across many opponents along the road; you may just drive around them or kill them for more experience, particularly if your level is lower than theirs.

How to Get to The Jakobs Estate


When you get close to the estate, dismount and make your way up numerous ledges that you can just climb up on.


While you’re on your way to the estate, fight through the opponents along the road so you don’t have to worry about them as you get closer to the waypoint.


When you get at the mansion, wipe out all of the enemy before meeting with Wainwright.


After you’ve defeated all of the opponents, a cinematic will play in which you’ll encounter Wainwright for the first time, and he’ll welcome you in for a chat.

Visiting the Anvil


Wainwright will ask you to go over to The Anvil, a jail facility, and rescue Hammerlock after a short introduction and explanation of the issue.

Wainwright will have sent a squad to locate Hammerlock, and you will join them.

You must meet up with them and collaborate in order to free Hammerlock from jail.


Head over to the elevator to get quick access to a tunnel that will both put you on a decent path to your waypoint and supply you with a car through the catch-a-ride station located underneath the estate.


Take a vehicle and drive straight to the waypoint, ignoring the barrier, which you can easily demolish with your vehicle weaponry.

Most people consider this to be indestructible and seek another path; nevertheless, bear in mind that it is destructible and may offer a more convenient route to a variety of places.

Getting Into The Anvil


Due to the road and bridge being closed, you will need to disembark your car once you get to The Anvil.


Approach The Anvil’s door and interact to be transported inside the jail, where you will continue your search for Hammerlock by joining the squad described by Jakobs.


Fight your way to the gate controls to open it, which you may accomplish by either dashing through the attackers or wiping them out.


Open the gate to meet one of the team members with whom you are meant to collaborate.

Getting to know Meatslab


Meatslab will greet you and join up with you after a brief sequence in which he is fending off several foes.


You and Meatslab must wipe out all of the bandits in the area so that you may continue with the task.


Once the initial wave of attackers has been defeated, reinforcements will come, and you must repeat the process until no more opponents remain.


After you and Meatslab have dealt with the reinforcements, speak with him to have him unlock the closed gate.


Meatslab will slap the controls and raise the gate, allowing the two of you to enter the facility.


Fight your way through the bandits assaulting you and Meatslab, then go to the next door, which he will likewise open with sheer force.


Meatslab will punch the buttons once again and raise the barrier to allow you to pass through.


Bandits will attack you and Meatslab as soon as you reach an open area, and you must wipe them off before meeting the next member of their squad.


The third and final door that Meatslab will unlock for you is where you will part ways since he has to check on another member.

Getting to Know Crunk Bunny


As you enter the facility, a cutscene will play in which you will encounter Crunk Bunny, who has devised a plot to break open one of the facility’s doors and free Hammerlock.


Tina, or Crunk Bunny, will ask you to get some ingredients for her unique pizza, which she really means components for her bomb.

Getting the Ingredients for Pizza


Make your way to the other Central Security building, where you’ll be able to pick up all of the materials Tina has asked.

There will be bandits all throughout the place, which you should deal with so they don’t follow you inside and return.


There will be bandits within the Central Security building that you may wipe out for experience and to make your ingredient gathering easier.


There will be a firebrand on the second level with a detonator that Crunk Bunny wants you to grab, which basically means kill him and make it drop.


Pick up the “ham,” as Crunk Bunny refers to the detonator, and go on to the next waypoint, which takes you down a smaller tunnel.


Supplies will be available on the shelves, and you may gather the wires, which Crunk Bunny refers to as “onion slices,” to use as toppings on her pizza.


Grab the cable and follow it to the next waypoint, which will lead you to the security office’s roof.


Jump down and engage the gate control, which will open the entrance to the storage room on the first level.


Jump down to the storage room and go inside to search for Crunk Bunny’s pizza “sauce.”


You’ll need to search three boxes, the third of which will always contain the “sauce,” which is really nitro.


Grab the nitro and make your way back to Crunk Bunny through the lift where you originally dropped down to the surface.


Give Crunk Bunny the ingredients so she can create her unique pizza, which you’ll need to unlock a locked door.


Wait a few seconds while Crunk Bunny makes her bomb, and then replenish your ammo at the adjacent vending machine.


When Crunk Bunny’s pizza is done, take it from her and go to the waypoint where one of the other team members is waiting.


There will be a bridge that you must battle your way over since it is filled with bandits who will begin assaulting you.


Clear out the opponents with the aid of Mordecai, the team’s sniper, so you can safely transport or plant the bomb.


Deliver the pizza to the closed gate, which means you’ll detonate the bomb on the gate.


After you’ve planted the bomb, walk back and fire a shot at it, which will open the sides rather than the gate.


Make your way inside to the boss battle arena, where you’ll face off against the Warden.


Kill the warden and any other bandits in the area so you may save Hammerlock, who is trapped in a cave above you.


To lower the cage, fire the glowing portion above it, which will release the cage and let it to fall to the ground.


When it drops, the cage door will also open, and you’ll need to speak with Hammerlock to finish the quest, which will set the following objective to Lair Of The Harpy.

Rewards for Hammerlocked Missions


You’ll be awarded with approximately 3,642 dollars and an amazing sniper weapon if you complete the task.



  • It’s recommended to wipe out all the bandits before moving on to further goals so you can get both experience and extra experience to keep up with your level if you’ve fallen behind.
  • Make advantage of Meatslab, who can tank opponents while you seek shelter, allowing you to avoid taking too much damage at first.
  • Take caution on the bridge, since Mordecai may not be able to adequately protect you, leaving you to perform the most of the job.
  • The Warden is a difficult opponent, and as he transforms, you’ll need more precise weaponry.
  • Bringing weapons like Jakob’s weapons that may provide excellent elemental damage or high base damage with a boost from critical strikes might help you clear opponents fast while also doing good damage during the boss battle.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 hammerlocked gate is a mission that can be found in the game Borderlands 3. This guide will walk you through the steps of completing the mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is hammerlock in Borderlands 3?

Hammerlock is in the game Borderlands 3, but its not in the campaign.

How do you beat the warden Borderlands 3?

You cant.

Is Sir hammerlock black?

Yes, he is black.

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