Gearbox is finally ready to introduce Borderlands 3’s head case walkthrough, but the developer has been tight-lipped about what players can expect.

The borderlands 3 head case glitch is a glitch in Borderlands 3 that allows players to skip the intro and get straight into the game.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Ascension Bluff is a place in the United States.
  • Level: 6

Vaughn’s Warchief’s Deputy Vic’s head has been put inside a holding room, and Vaughn knows she’s being questioned in virtual reality, and he wants to rescue her.

You must enter the virtual reality world and locate her, as well as pieces of her memories, in order to bring her back safely.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Virtual Reality Immersion


Retrace your steps back to the entrance where you would have parked your car if you had just arrived at The Holy Broadcast Center.

If you left your car before entering the area, you may return quickly so you don’t have to run all the way back.


Connect Vic’s head to the virtual reality machine to load her up, then turn it on to go to the virtual reality realm where she is imprisoned.

Experiencing the World of Virtual Reality


In the virtual reality environment, you must go to The Holy Broadcast Center, where adversaries will have just created and which you must fight while attempting to reach Vic.


Fight your way to the waypoint where Vic is believed to be imprisoned, killing all of the bandits along the way.

It’s a good idea to kill them if you’re around the same level as them, as well as to save yourself some effort when you get to the waypoint.

Vic’s Reminiscences


You’ll come upon an additional goal along the route that asks you to gather Vic’s memory pieces.

There are a total of four memory pieces strewn around the region, which you can readily identify on your approach to Vic.

The first memory fragment will be in a vehicle at the entrance, and the waypoint will show you where it is as well as the rest of the memory pieces.


You’ll come upon another piece on a sofa inside a safe as you continue your journey towards Vic’s location.


The third memory piece will be found within one of the cramped chambers with probable deactivated speaker traps.


When approaching Vic, keep to the left before ascending a set of stairs, as the fourth piece will be found on top of a table there.

Following the waypoint on your map, go towards Vic who will be close after collecting all of Vic’s pieces.

Vic has to be rescued.


Vic will be frightened and perplexed when you arrive, not knowing where she is, so you’ll need to speak with her.

The conversation will last just a few seconds, during which you will try to persuade her to accompany you before being stopped by her interrogator.


After a brief conversation with Vic, her interrogator comes, along with additional bandits who must be killed in order to complete the task.

The interrogator is essentially the same as a kickass tink and will be simple to take down with a few well-placed bullets.


Return to the simulator machine after murdering the interrogator and activate it to leave the virtual reality environment.


Vic will be brought back to you while clutching the head she was imprisoned in during her questioning.

Talk to her so she and Vaughn may have a short conversation before the task is completed, and she thanks you and gives you an unique weapon she discovered in the virtual reality world.

Mission Reward for the Head Case


Fulfilling the Head Case task nets you approximately 473 cash and a rare sniper rifle, while completing the bonus goal nets you another rare weapon from Vic.



  • Try to eliminate any opponents that come in your path so you don’t have to battle the interrogator as much.
  • Because the virtual reality world may be a bit unpleasant to look at, strive to complete the task as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid skipping memory pieces so you don’t have to go back and look for them later, which may be time consuming.

The borderlands 3 walkthrough is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes a detailed overview of the story and all of the missions in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete the head case in Borderlands 3?

You need to use the head case on a chameleon.

How do you beat Hammerlocked?

You need to be very quick and precise with your strikes, as you only have a few seconds to complete the song.

Where is hammerlock Borderlands 3?

The hammerlock Borderlands 3 is currently being developed for release in 2020.

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