The game is set to release on September 13th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This walkthrough will cover the entire Heart of Gold Mission.

The borderlands 3 heart of gold reddit is a mission walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 game. It includes details on how to complete the mission and what rewards are available.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • The Compactor is located in Trashlantis.
  • 50th level

Joy, a lonely robot, needs your assistance since it has changed its ways and now wants to picnic with a buddy instead of being one of those ubiquitous killbots.

Your goal will be to go out and acquire all of the things required for a picnic, then assist Joy in enjoying one after all of the items have been collected.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Joy will ask you to gather a number of things in order to take part in a picnic for the first time, and it will be your responsibility to do so.

When you get the missions, each of the goods will be identified with a waypoint and will be quite near to your position.


Coming from Joy’s location, the Stenching Meadows have a Blanket that will be utilized as the picnic’s foundation material.


After passing through the Stenching Meadows, you’ll arrive at The Bordel-O, where you’ll discover the Root Beer Floats, which will be your drinks.


A Picnic Umbrella, which is intended to shade the whole picnic area, is situated on top of a pile of scrap cubes just ahead of Joy’s location.


Going right from Joy’s position will take you to Cubeland, where you’ll discover a Basket on the far right side, which is clearly the picnic basket.


Continue going out of Cubeland until you reach Refuse Ridge, where you will discover the Potato Salad and Ham Sandwiches item, which is likely to be the picnic’s fake snacks.


Return to Joy so that you may both go out for the picnic that Joy has been dreaming of for a long time.


Joy seems to have chosen a picnic site and instructs you to follow it to the area where the two of you will enjoy a picnic.


Joy will ask you to set up the picnic after the two of you get at the location, and there will be markers where you may put the things you’ve gathered.


Joy will want you to remain with it for a bit after the picnic has been put up since it wants to enjoy the picnic with someone.


Joy will rise after some time and thank you, as well as inform you that the picnic was the final item on its bucket list and that its battery is dying, implying that it will die.

Joy will offer you money as a reward, and then a tiny explosion will occur within it, shutting it down.

Mission Reward: Heart Of Gold


You will get 69,360 cash after finishing the Heart Of Gold quest.



  • If you wish to speed up the task, you may sprint past opponents while gathering picnic goods.
  • Except for gunfire from a few stray robots that you can easily knock down, Joy will not fight any opponents but will travel quickly, so you should have no problem getting to the picnic zone.
  • Because the Compactor is home to both robots and people, it’s a perfect loadout to include incendiary weapons for humans and corrosive weapons for robots.

The borderlands 3 dlc is the fourth and final piece of DLC for Borderlands 3. It features a new story, new missions, and an all-new playable character called Athena.

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