Borderlands 3 is a loot-based shooter with some RPG elements and a lot of humor. It’s one of the most popular games on Steam, and it’s also one of the few games that has managed to be successful in both AAA and indie markets.

The borderlands 3 holy spirits locked door is a problem that players may encounter when playing Borderlands 3. Players need to use the Holy Spirits Key in order to unlock the door and progress through the game.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Athenas is the name of the planet.
  • Athenas is a city in Greece.
  • 12th grade

The monks’ distillery has been infected by ratch, who have steadily grown in number and taken over the place.

Brother Mendel has requested that you go inside and exterminate all of the ratch, as well as clean the space of their infestation, so that the monks may continue to drink.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting into the Cellar


Once Brother Mendel has opened the basement door, go inside and down the steps to finish clearing up the infestation.

Ratch Gunk Removal


There will be ratch muck in the basement, which you will have to clean away using the distilled alcohol you have stashed there.


Simply shooting the barrels to discharge the distilled spirits will dissolve the ratch muck that will typically be in your way.


After the ratch gunk has been cleared away, continue with your other chores, keeping in mind that there will be three occurrences of ratch gunk to dissolve.

Broodmothers of Ratch Ratch Ratch Ratch Ratch Ratch Ratch Ratch Rat


You’ll also have to kill the ratch broodmothers in the basement, which will need you to kill three of them in total.

Getting Rid of Intoxicated Ratch Livers (Bonus Objective)


You will have the option of harvesting the livers of inebriated ratch who have consumed distilled alcohol as an optional goal.


Aim for the dead ratch and press your melee key when instructed on screen to collect the livers.


The whole ratch will disintegrate, adding 1 liver to each player, for a total of 5 livers required to accomplish the bonus goal.

The Bell Is Ringing


You must leave by ringing the bell on the inside after finishing the chores, but first you must destroy the ratch nest at the exit.


A bell striker will drop when you destroy the ratch nest, which you will use to ring the bell that unlocks the gate.


You must remove ratch muck from the area before you can put the bell striker to strike the bell.


Place the bell striker after you’ve removed the ratch muck so you can tell Brother Mendel the area is clear.


The gates will open after you ring the bell, allowing you to leave the basement and collect your prize from Brother Mendel.


If you were able to gather all five ratch livers, you may put them in a container to complete the extra goal.


When you’re finished, speak with Brother Mendel to complete the task and get your prize.

Mission Reward for Taking Flight


You’ll be awarded with an amazing shield mod and approximately 467 coins after finishing the task.


Brother Mendel will also open up his storehouse for you to plunder if you gathered ratch livers and handed them in before talking to him.



  • Avoid being trapped in tight corners to avoid being overwhelmed by ratch gangs, which may be lethal and difficult to control.
  • Ratch are quite simple to kill, but make sure you carry enough ammo to deal with the many groups as well as the tougher ones.
  • To avoid going back and looking all over the area, concentrate on completing the goals one at a time.

The borderlands 3 walkthrough side missions is a guide to the game’s side quests. It includes information on how to complete each quest, where to find them, and what rewards are available.

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