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The Crimson Raiders are currently on their way to Promethea, where Atlas is being attacked by both the Children Of The Vault and Malawan.

You’ll try to reply to the distress call and figure out what’s going on in Promethea, while also helping Atlas and learning more about the vault the Crimson Raiders are looking for.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Promethea’s Transport


As soon as the mission starts, you must speak with Ellie before being taken down to Promethea in order to be as near to the distress call as possible.


After speaking with Ellie, you’ll be able to use a pod to go to the Meridian Outskirts, which will cause your character to have a hilarious response.


Once you’ve been transported to Promethea, go to the waypoint where the distress signal was issued from.


When you get on Promethea, there will already be bandits on the island, so you’ll have to battle your way through them. After Lilith’s siren abilities were taken, more will be transported to you, since Tyreen’s teleporting ability has been copied.


A cinematic will play after you reach the waypoint, presenting Lorelei, whom you will then accompany back to their center of operations.


Lorelei will digistruct a cyclone and drive away, so digistruct your car and follow her to the next waypoint.


You’ll come across some outlaws driving Maliwan-equipped cars, which piques Lorelei’s interest and prompts her to assign you the job of destroying the vehicle while also obtaining whatever information you can from the wreckage.


An ECHO log will fall and you must pick it up, but it will be automatically gathered as long as you are within range, regardless of whether you are in a vehicle or dismounted.


Continue by following Lorelei to the base, where you must dismount and go on foot as you both enter the base, where Atlas and people are sheltering from the attackers.


On foot, follow Lorelei and wait for her to finish speaking before speaking with her again to continue the quest.


After speaking with Lorelei, a large explosion will occur nearby, prompting you to hurry to the location, which will later reveal that the Atlas hideaway has been discovered, and a Maliwan assault squad will be assaulting the area.


Before you can continue with the task, you must fight back against the Maliwan troops, and after all of the enemy have been defeated, go with Lorelei to the waypoint.


As you make your way to the Watershed Base, you and Lorelei will come upon a tunnel that leads to the Meridian Metroplex.


The entrance to the Watershed Base will be blocked, so once you’ve cleared all the baddies, go to the side button and press it.

Before entering the door, prepare to battle opponents inside and collect ammo and health.


After clearing the Watershed Base, you’ll be able to reach a console that, if triggered, will enable you to contact Rhys.

There will be an ongoing discussion that will guide you in the correct path, after which you will start off on a few chores to help Atlas.


Follow Lorelei to the Watershed Base Garage, where she will teach you how to digistruct a cyclone, which will be added to your list of useable vehicles forever.


Your mission will be to meet up with an Atlas operator who will be quite recognizable to you if you’ve played the last Borderlands game.

Once you reach the waypoint, you’ll have to continue on foot to go further into Maliwan territory.


There will be a lot of Maliwan troops in the area, so you’ll have to battle your way through them while looking for the Atlas operative.


You’ll need to clear out the opponents in the area and secure it before going to the operative’s position, which you can accomplish either by killing them as you go or by racing to the end of the region and killing them afterwards when they’re all close together, which is simpler for certain players.


While on your way to the Atlas operative’s position, you’ll see him standing alone at a distance, waiting for you.

When you approach close enough to the operative, a sequence will play out showing him being ambushed by Maliwan troops.


The operator will easily defeat them and will be presented as Zer0, a former Borderlands 2 playable character.


To continue the mission, speak with ZerO, who will quickly introduce himself before accompanying you to the Maliwan weapons depot, where you will be looking for an upgrade for his sword.


Approach the waypoint with Zer0 and battle the Maliwan troops, as well as the guards protecting the location.


After you’ve wiped out the troops defending the location, go up a flight of stairs to the security field panel and deactivate it to give Atlas greater access to the region.


After that, a party of Maliwan troops will come to assault you and Zer0, which you must defeat before continuing with the objective.


Go further into the Maliwan weapons depot and explore the Maliwan chests for Zer0’s upgrade and a few goodies for yourself after killing the attackers sent to counterattack you and Zer0.


After you discover the weapon upgrade for Zer0’s sword, he will ask you to trade it for a rare weapon, said to be a sniper rifle, in exchange for which you will hand over the upgrade to him.


Zer0 will utilize the weapon upgrade that enables his sword to cut through Maliwan shield barriers, making entry to Maliwan sites simpler.


Wait for Zer0 to demolish the shield obstructing your way by following him to the adjacent barrier where you exchanged with each other.


After Zer0 breaks the barrier, you’ll meet up later at Gigamind’s location and try to steal his brain in order to get information that Atlas need.

To get there quicker, take a car and drive to the waypoint where Zer0 will be waiting for you.


When you get to Gigamind’s location, Zer0 will cut a way for you to enter and warn you that he will be watching you since this is a talent test.


Head to the waypoint, where Gigamind and other Maliwan troops will be waiting for you to kill.

Fight Gigamind and kill him so that you may get the information that Atlas need.


Return to the Watershed Base after defeating Gigamind and contact Rhys through the console you used previously.

Rhys will hold off on his side of the bargain, which required you to get the knowledge, but your character will threaten him by stating that he will not hand up the brain to Atlas.

Rhys will give in and do his part as best he can once your character makes a threat, and you will hand over the brain.


Place the brain to the side of the console so that Atlas may access its information and the task will be completed.

The Impending Storm Assignment will become active once you complete the Hostile Takeover mission, and your next job will emerge.

Rewards for the hostile takeover mission


You will get 935 cash and a rare class mod after completing the Hostile Takeover task.

After completing this task, you will be allowed to equip class modifications.



  • Because this quest unlocks the option to apply class modifications once finished, your character will grow stronger throughout it.
  • When you’re at the Maliwan weapons depot, be sure to collect as much as you can and examine the whole area so you don’t miss out on any nice treasure.
  • Zer0 will be battling with you in certain places, so remain near to him if you are knocked out so he can revive you.
  • To avoid running out of ammo when fending off groups of opponents, restock ammunition before moving on to additional locations.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Rhys in hostile takeover?

You can find Rhys on the Beat Saber discord.

How do I fix the mission glitch in Borderlands 3?

The best way to fix the mission glitch is by restarting your game.

How do you get to Halcyon in spaceport?

You cant.

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