Borderlands 3 is a game about finding yourself in the midst of an interplanetary war. This guide will help you with getting through the game’s main quest, “The Shadows of Starlight.”

The borderlands 3 in the shadow of starlight bug is a bug that was fixed in the latest patch. It is an issue where players were able to complete the mission before it started.

After obtaining the Nekrotafeyo vault key and having all of them in order to activate “The Machine,” you may now finally stop “The Destroyer” from being unleashed.

You’re supposed to return to Sanctuary and report Tannis, as well as deliver her the final vault key for her to charge, before all of you go to the planet to power up “The Machine.”

Walkthrough of the Mission

The Last Vault Key Is Being Charged


Return to Sanctuary to give Tannis the Nekrotafeyo vault key so he may charge it before returning to the planet.


Tannis and the others will be waiting in her lab when you arrive, and they will speak with you.


Tannis, with the help of Ava, must place the Nekrotafeyo vault key on the specified position so that it may be powered up.


Return to the planet after the vault key has been charged so you may join the other Crimson Raiders in making their journey to the vault.

Getting to the Gate of the Pyre of Stars


Return to the Pyre Of Stars gate, also known as “The Machine” by Typhon DeLeon, after you’ve returned to Nekrotafeyo.


Meet up with the others, where you’ll need to deposit the last vault key to unlock the route to “The Machine.”


Place the vault key, which will activate the Eridian bridge when combined with the other vault keys.


Cross the bridge with the rest and continue on your journey to The Pyre Of Stars, where Tannis will charge forward and Typhon DeLeon will use his whip to assist him.


The quest will continue in the following zone, “The Pyre Of The Stars,” where the others will be waiting for you.

Putting a Stop to the Destroyer


Follow Tannis as she leads the way to the first pedestal, where she will begin examining and trying to find out how to keep Tyreen from absorbing The Destroyer.


Tannis will ask for the Pandora vault key, which you must provide her before continuing on with the task.


While Tannis takes care of the Pandora pedestal, you and Typhon must battle numerous guardian foes on your approach to the Promethea pedestal.


Place the Promethea vault key in the indicated area when you reach the Promethea pedestal, then follow Typhon to the next one.


Continue on with Typhon, going towards the waypoint, by navigating past additional guardians.


You’ll come upon a locked section with a switch nearby that you may activate to open up another exit route.


After you’ve activated the switch, Eridian stairs will emerge, which you and Typhon must climb to reach the next section.


Tyreen’s bandits will assault you this time, and guardians will be in the area killing whatever they come across.


Fight your way past all of the adversaries and reach a beam that will lift you up when you leap on it, allowing you to follow Typhon to the Eden-6 pedestal.


When you get at the location of the Eden-6 pedestal, follow Typhon DeLeon so you may subsequently install it in the proper location.


Place the Eden-6 vault key in the designated place and continue on your journey with Typhon DeLeon to the final pedestal.


The farther you go to each pedestal, the more bandits and guardians you will encounter, and you may have to wipe them out to allow Typhon DeLeon to advance.


You and Typhon will come across twin switches that must be triggered at the same time and will activate them at any moment when they are green and continue farther within.


As you move closer to the last pedestal, the Nekrotafeyo, you’ll have to battle your way through even more guards, pushing against them using Typhon to get beyond their numbers.


To finish the process of putting all four vault keys, go to the Nekrotafeyo pedestal and place the Nekrotafeyo vault key.

Defending Tannis is a difficult task.


Return to Tannis, who will then begin the process of shutting Pandora, causing Tyreen to get involved.


You must defend Ava and Tannis while also clearing out all of the adversaries that emerge and come after you while Ava builds a shield.


Clear off all of the opponents, including the anointed enemies Tyreen has produced in the region, until there are none left.


After you’ve defeated all of the opponents, a cinematic will occur in which Tyreen interferes, fights everyone, and ultimately kills Typhon.

When you rejoin the rest of the gang after the cutscene, the task will be completed.

Mission Rewards for In the Shadow Of Starlight


You will get approximately 33,498 cash after completing the In The Shadow Of Starlight assignment.



  • You’ll have to battle through many groups of opponents, which will take some time due to the several locations, but this can be easily handled with area of effect damage, weapons or abilities that can gather enemies for simpler targeting, or other weapons that can damage multiple enemies at once.
  • Typhon DeLeon may block you from racing through opponents and on to the next location, requiring you to clear each region you will travel through.
  • Because the opponents may be of a greater level than you or your prior weapons may be useless, it is a good idea to switch your load out to more powerful weapons.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 side mission bosses is a mission in Borderlands 3 that can be found on the world map. It’s called In the Shadows of Starlight.

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