Borderlands 3 is finally here and it’s a lot of fun. In this walkthrough, I will be going over everything you need to know about the game.

The borderlands 3 it’s alive not available is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Nekrotafeyo is a planet.
  • Desolation’s Edge is a location in the game Desolation’s Edge.
  • 36th level

Sparrow wants your assistance finding a new buddy, while Grouse believes an extra pair of hands, particularly for defenses, would be beneficial.

Your mission is to assist Sparrow in obtaining components for a new robot that he is building by collecting parts from Maliwan.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Parts Collecting


Head out to the neighboring Maliwan camp to gather the majority of the components for the new robot you’ll be building.


You’ll need to gather two soldier bags after Grouse and Sparrow keep changing their minds, which you may accomplish by first murdering troops.


A flash backpack will drop when a soldier is killed while the goal is active, and you must pick it up.


You’ll be told to get an acid tank from one of the heavier opponents after collecting the flash backpacks.


When a contaminator heavy opponent is destroyed, their acid tank will fall to the ground, and you must pick it up as soon as possible.


You’ll need to acquire the final component, which is an AI chip for the robot, after collecting the acid tank, but the two won’t know where to get it, so you’ll have to figure it out on your own.


A waypoint will be placed at a site close to the research facility, making it simpler to go there quickly and pick up the AI chip.

Putting The New Robot Together


When you’ve gathered all of the components needed to construct the robot, go to the research facility and look for the robot on the floor.


You must first put the backpack in the designated location, after which you must physically push it inside the robot.


To go to the next section, use your melee attack to strike the jetpack and shove it into the robot’s back.


After that, you must put the acid tank in the designated area and attach it to the robot in the same manner.


Hit the component with your melee assault until it is correctly in place, which will nearly complete the robot’s functionality.

Getting the Robot to Work


After you’ve put all of the components, go to a nearby switch to turn on the electricity to the robot.


Electricity will be supplied to the robot, which will cause it to rise up and hover in position.


Place the AI chip into the robot to give it a consciousness and allow it to reason, bringing it to full functionality.

The Monstrosity


The robot will not behave as expected and will instead be in a great deal of agony and suffering, eventually becoming insane and losing its ability to operate.


You’ll have to stop the robot’s suffering by murdering it as a kind of mercy killing, which will conclude with Sparrow speaking a few words and the task being completed.

Mission Rewards for It’s Alive


You’ll be awarded with approximately 10,644 coins and the famous shield mod “The Transformer” if you complete the task.



  • You won’t have to kill every opponent; instead, you’ll just have to kill those that drop the components you need.
  • Fasts may save you time by not having to sprint all the way back from the Maliwan camp to retrieve the AI chip.
  • Targeting the objects that must be gathered is akin to identifying the opponents’ weak points.

The borderlands 3 mission flow is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It was released on September 13, 2019 and covers all of the missions in the game.

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