Borderlands 3 is the latest installment in the popular first person shooter series. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to complete the game’s campaign and all of its DLC.

The borderlands 3 just a prick glitch is an interesting glitch that can be found in Borderlands 3. It allows players to walk through walls and other objects, which makes the game very difficult.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Any planet
  • Sanctuary is the name of the location.
  • 12th grade

Tannis is running short on health hypos, and she’s counting on you to assist her locate some that some of the crew have stolen and are most certainly misusing.

Your mission is to look for the lost hypos in Sanctuary and return them to Tannis so she has a supply when she needs it.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Hypos Are Being Looked For On The Ship


Make your way to each waypoint, which symbolizes each hypo aboard the ship, and pick them up one at a time.

It doesn’t matter whatever sequence you select them in; as long as you collect all of them and return to Tannis, the task will be accomplished.

If you can’t locate the waypoints right away, glance about you and make careful to check everywhere. If you can’t find them right away, try looking for the waypoints displayed on your HUD.

Tannis’ Lab Is Surrounded By Pipes


Outside of Tannis’ lab, one of the hypos may be found on the pipes just over the rail, where you can easily leap over it and take the hypo.

Poster of Ellie


One of the hypos may be found towards the ship’s end, holding a piece of paper to the wall, concealing a poster of Ellie that Tannis says is pornography.

Moxxi’s Bar is a bar located in the city of Moxxi.


When you go inside Moxxi’s tavern, one of the hypos will be laying on the counter on the left side of the bar.

Stuck on a Dartboard is a situation in which you are stuck on a dartboard


Back at the ship’s stern, there will be a tiny space to the side where one of the hypos will be found on a dartboard, most likely because it was used as a replacement for a real dart.

Room with a Statue


There is a chamber above Marcus’ store with several statues, one of which will have a hypo placed on it, which will be easy to detect once inside.

Dispenser of Gas


One of the hypos may be found towards the rear of the ship on a gas dispenser that seems to have been used to either extract gas or merely to prevent leaking.

Kick Me Sign by Claptrap


On Claptrap’s head, one of the hypos will be holding a kick me sign, most likely as a joke for someone’s enjoyment.

Claptrap may be in his chamber or roaming about the ship, which would explain why one of the waypoints is shifting.

Antenna for television


If you walk to the cargo area and check beneath the stairwell, you’ll find a hypo on top of a television that was probably used to obtain reception.

Rewards for the Just a Prick Mission


You will get approximately 935 dollars after finishing the Just a Prick assignment.



  • This mission isn’t very difficult; it’s simply another one, and it’ll most likely help you get more acquainted with the ship so you can manage it.
  • To save time running about and climbing up and down stairs or ladders, leap in the region in the center of the ship and jump from floor to floor.
  • To avoid having to go back and forth in the ship, it’s a good idea to target the hypos nearest to you and head for whichever is closest.

Borderlands 3 is a game that has just released. The borderlands 3 killavolt disappeared is a guide to the game.

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