Borderlands 3 is a new game in the series that will be released on September 13th, 2019. This walkthrough shows how to complete the Cold Case Buried Questions mission which can be found in Sanctuary.

The cold case: forgotten answers glitch is a glitch in Borderlands 3 that allows you to bypass the mission.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Xylourgos is a planet.
  • Cursehaven – Lantern’s Hook is the location.
  • 57th level

Burton Briggs, a detective, wants your assistance in solving a case that has evaded him in the past since he has never been able to solve it.

Your goal will be to assist Burton in gathering whatever information he can in order to reassemble the case and ultimately break it.

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Walkthrough of the Mission

Burton’s Clues: Where to Find Them


Following your agreement to aid Burton with his case, he will ask you to assist him in locating an ECHO log and a diary that he has lost.

The ECHO log may be found on top of a box behind several drawers in the rear of Burton’s room.


The diary is on the second level, accessible via a hole in the ceiling that may be reached by leaping.

The diary will be concealed inside a box to the right of the entrance on a crate.

You’ll give over the ECHO log and diary to Burton once you’ve obtained them so he may examine them.

Examining the Tombstones


Burton will ask you to meet him at the graveyard to look for additional clues once you’ve reviewed the ECHO log and diary.

By renewing Burton’s memories, you’ll need to examine three separate graves to see whether they disclose anything.

The Crypt is being explored.


No findings will appear in Burton’s memory after checking out the three graves, but he will have a hunch and decide to investigate a neighboring crypt.

Burton will know how to access the crypt for some reason and will beg you to go in alone since something from his past is stopping him from doing so.


As you enter the tomb, you’ll see an ECHO log that you’ll need to return to Burton so he can inspect it.

Burton will take out a piece of the painting that you discovered earlier when you examine the ECHO log, and you must then put it on the painting.


Once you’ve retrieved the piece from Burton, put it on the painting to reveal a tunnel that leads to the crypt.


Hidden passageways will block the pathways, which you must unlock by interacting with skulls connected to chains.


Continue down the tunnel until you reach a locked door that must be opened by interacting with another skull and chain.


The skull and chain needed to open the gateway can be discovered across it, and all that stands between you and it is a breakable wall.

Simply assault the path to demolish it, then use the skull and chain to unlock the next section.


As you go, you will arrive at the crypt’s conclusion, where a Mysterious Box has been left behind.


Take the Mysterious Box and give it to Burton, who will examine it, but once he has it, Bonded foes will come out of nowhere to attack you.

After you’ve killed all of the ambushers, Burton will give you the Mysterious Box to keep safe.

Mission Reward: Cold Case: Buried QuestionsB3GLTS10-13

The task will be completed after Burton has handed over the Mysterious Box for safekeeping, and you will be paid with approximately 115,000 cash.

Once this task is completed, the Cold Cases: Restless Memories quest will be accessible.


  • Incendiary weapons will do a lot of damage to the kriches and even some of the Bonded later on, but carry a corrosive weapon for those who wear armor.
  • There will be two skulls on chains in this location, however the one on the right side will be a trap with a powerful krich ready to attack you.
  • Burton cannot be killed by the ambushers, which is a useful advantage to have if you can’t battle them head-on.

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