Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantasy role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on November 18, 2014 in North America and Europe for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game has received critical acclaim with praise directed towards the story as well as the improvements made to the combat system over previous games in the series.

The dragon age notes on the wastes map is a blog post that gives a detailed overview of the Dragon Age Inquisition. It includes information on how to get started, what’s different from previous games, and more.

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A rip in the sky has appeared, wreaking havoc on the people below. No, we’re not talking about a hole in the ozone layer. This is the main danger in Dragon Age Inquisition, a world-conquering, dragon-hunting quest.

Journey into a world that fans of the Dragon Age series have grown to know, but one that is now much more vast and full of new missions, side quests, companions, and intriguing narrative points.

You’ll want to do more than simply put the game on and start battling demons and dragons to get the most out of it. You’ll need to study all of the most essential ideas here, and then utilize our comprehensive tutorial to double-check your knowledge.

Let’s get started so you can see what this game has to offer and whether it’s suitable for you.

What Is Dragon Age Inquisition, and How Does It Work?

dragon age inquisition - what

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The third game in the Dragon Age series is Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s a fantasy action role-playing game set in the realm of Thedas, much like the previous two games. Unlike the previous two games (especially Dragon Age II), this one has a much larger environment with a lot more to discover and experience.

The game revolves on the Inquisitor, a holy figure tasked with passing judgment throughout the globe and, eventually, closing the Breach in the sky, which is releasing demons on the people below.

There are dragons to hunt and friends to romance, as well as plenty of customization options for characters, skills, and gameplay, as in previous games in the series.

Dragon Age Inquisition: How to Play

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It’s a lot of fun to land in the midst of a planet in turmoil, but it can also be quite confusing and stressful. When you’re a young Inquisitor with a few countries to visit and a sky hole to close, where do you begin?

Follow these 7 steps to help you gain a grip on the game from the start, so you don’t spend any time jumping into the action.

The following are instructions on how to play Dragon Age Inquisition:

1. Create a unique character in Dragon Age Inquisition.

dragon age inquisition - step 1

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The game allows you to make a number of choices right away. This is a motif that will continue throughout the game, but your initial selections are among the most crucial, so make sure you choose wisely.

Because the character you create at the start of the game will become your Inquisitor, the game’s primary character, the game allows you to spend some time creating them.

This involves deciding on the character’s gender and ethnicity. Other than your pleasure of the game, these specific choices will have little impact on the game.

You’ll also be able to customize your character’s appearance beyond the standard character kinds. There is no gameplay impact, like there is with the sex and racial choices.

Your choice of class for the character is much more important. You have the option of creating a warrior, a wizard, or a rogue. The class will enable your character to develop unique skills as the game continues.

In addition to the character, you will be able to choose the game’s difficulty level. If you’re new to the series (or to gaming in general), you should ease up on yourself right now. If you want a game with a lot of difficulty, choose the Nightmare option and prepare yourself for a rough time.

Finally, at this point in the game, you may utilize Dragon Age Keep to transfer your settings and backstories from prior games. This is a component that is hosted on the cloud. You can’t work straight from saved files from prior games in this game.

2. Advance your career by specializing.

dragon age inquisition - step 2

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If you’ve ever played an RPG, you’re undoubtedly aware of what to anticipate. The game follows the standard formula of allowing you to level up your class skills while also earning additional powers.

This game, on the other hand, throws a curveball into the procedure.

While leveling up and gaining developmental points will keep you earning new abilities (in the class you chose at the start of the game), specialized skills are earned by finding trainers and following all of their instructions in order to gain the knowledge needed to progress with your specialization.

3. Locate a Mount and Investigate

dragon age inquisition - step 3

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The world of Dragon Age Inquisition is considerably larger and more vast than the previous games, as we’ve previously stated. That gives plenty of space for extra side missions, encounters, cool stuff, and hours of entertainment. It may, however, result in a lot of wasted time wandering about.

This game has added mounts to help solve that issue. These mounts start off as a basic horse that you must stay with for a time, but you may switch them out for any number of animals later on in the game.

Pick up your horse as soon as possible so that you can get more exploration done faster. Keep in mind that although a strong horse is useful in combat, you can only utilize a mount to explore. When you’re up against monsters, they’re not accessible.

4. Get a Glimpse of the Fighting System

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There are two ways to enjoy your fights in this game. In the first, you play like you did in Dragon Age II, with the AI commanding characters you don’t control. This enables for a more rapid and less strategy-focused combat experience.

A second combat option is available for those who like a bit more hands-on, strategic battling (or who need it for those huge monster battles). You’ll be able to pause the game and choose your attacks and actions throughout the whole game. The cost is a more stop-and-start experience that seems a little antiquated in its presentation.

Knowing which method you like and when you want it allows you to enjoy the game in the manner you want while also increasing your combat success.

5. Indulge in some romance

dragon age inquisition - step 5

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Most RPG games provide you with a group of friends to aid you in combat and progress the narrative. While many games do a good job at making these characters intriguing, few do it as well as this one. What are their strategies for dealing with this? Dragon Age, on the other hand, adds a dash of romance to the mix.

That’s correct. There’s a delightful romance component to the gameplay, much like in earlier Dragon Age games. Many of the non-playable characters are willing to have a little fun with the Inquisitor on the side.

To reap the advantages of the fling, though, you must choose the appropriate partner and approach them in the proper manner. Part of the enjoyment in this game is putting your flirting skills to the test while battling bad forces.

Know the Dragon Age Inquisition’s Best Companions as a pro tip.

Not everyone is susceptible to your powerful Inquisitor charms. And, you know, sometimes you want something more in your game than a dream affair. As you travel across Thedas, you’ll most likely desire companions that will help you optimize your plan.

Reading more about the Dragon Age Inquisition companions will give you a heads up on which people to concentrate your attention on…and what sort of attention to put on them…whether you’re searching for courting advice or matching talents.

6. Territorial Exploration

dragon age inquisition - step 6

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The map in earlier Dragon Age games was much smaller, but it was also much more open. While there is a lot more space to explore in this game, it comes at a cost. You’re not going to hop on your horse and go for a leisurely stroll over that vast area in this game.

Instead, you’ll have to work hard for your adventure. Completing missions will give you additional space to wander. These missions may either be connected to the narrative (in which case they are required) or they can be side quests.

In any case, if you want to explore the whole magnificent realm of Thedas, you’ll have to seek out and finish all of the available missions. So keep an eye out for such chances and take advantage of them as frequently as you can, since the game’s true appeal is revealed only when you have the whole map in front of you.

7. Consult our Dragon Age Inquisition Walkthrough for more information.

dragon age inquisition - step 7

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In this perspective, one word keeps cropping up again and again: expansive. The map is large, the planet is large, and the list of partners is vast.

Despite its expansiveness, the game may be frightening at times.

Which class provides you with the benefits you seek? Which missions should you start right immediately, and which ones can you postpone? Which things will make life simpler for you, and which can you get rid of? What is the best way to romance a partner? And how can you know whether it’s the appropriate partner for you?

This summary just scratches the surface of the game. You’ll need our Dragon Age Inquisition guide to fully understand and excel in this game. Our tutorial will guide you through your initial steps as an Inquisitor all the way to the ultimate triumph of sealing the Breach.

It’ll also reveal you the keys to all of the side missions for added enjoyment. And make sure your interrogator gets the kisses (and much more) they’ve been craving.

Know the Dragons of the Dragon Age Inquisition.

We’ve almost reached the conclusion of our overview, and we’ve hardly addressed the dragons, who are a big part of the game (it being the age of dragons and all).

That’s because dragons in Dragon Age Inquisition are difficult to come by, difficult to defeat, and not nearly as important to the plot as the name suggests.

Despite this, they are a lot of fun. After you’ve accessed your map and leveled up your characters, follow the guide to locate all of the dragons and kill them to your heart’s delight.

More Exciting Game Options

Take on a new gaming challenge with one of these excellent games if you don’t want to rescue Thedas from all of the catastrophes that have befallen it:

  1. Indulge your misanthropy with Plague, Inc., and use your chosen illness to wipe off mankind. –
  2. With Victor Vran, you may swap dragons for demons and travel about gathering new methods to eliminate the demonic infestation.
  3. In Supremacy 1914, refight World War I to see whether you can alter history on your own.


You’ll be able to master all of the dangers and tasks that the game may throw at you if you use the Dragon Age Inquisition advice in this article and our guide.

That should be reassuring, since this game is going to hurl a lot at you. However, with the assistance provided here, you’ll be able to concentrate on the pleasure of gaming rather than the tough choices that may stymie your development and lead to severe errors.

So, let’s get started. Turn on the game and start rescuing the planet right now. After all, you are the Inquisitor.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a role-playing game that has been released for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. It features an open world where players can explore, complete quests and hunt monsters. Reference: dragon age: inquisition hissing wastes quests.

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