In the latest Borderlands 3 guide, we reveal all the enemies, locations and rewards in Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt.

The hammerlock’s occult hunt reward is a new feature in Borderlands 3. It gives players the ability to find rare items and weapons that are hidden around Pandora.

Hammerlock is an excellent hunter who loves collecting trophies from some of the world’s most elusive animals.

There is no exemption in Guns, Love, and Tentacles, since Hammerlock has a list of animals he wants to pursue.

The Hammerlock Occult Hunt, which is part of the DLC’s Crew Challenges, offers prizes and additional excitement to those who choose and agree to participate.

To get the award “Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror,” you must accomplish these hunts as well as the other Crew Challenges.

Enemies of Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt

You’ll come across the locations of the animals when you explore the region or complete tasks, and they’ll be noted on your map afterwards.

You may begin the search whenever you are ready, or you may return later when you are more prepared or less busy.

Yeti of legend (Skittermaw Basin)


The Legendary Yeti may be located beyond the Nethes Mines in the Skittermaw Basin, where its route diverges from the road leading to The Cankerwood.


The Legendary Yeti resembles the Jabber in appearance and fights similarly, although it is considerably powerful and uses somewhat different attacks.

The Legendary Yeti is described by Hammerlock as an Ice Yeti that is both nasty and hostile.

Kritchy, the legendary (Cursehaven)


In Cursehaven, near the Withernot Cemetery, the Legendary Kritchy may be discovered by following a nearby trail that leads to a smaller area.


The only difference between this legendary monster and the Dirigible Kritchidon is the minor change in color, as well as the addition of a single eye in the front and the top hat it wears.

The Legendary Kritchy has been found to be a hybrid of a human and a kritch that also seems to be a neritic monster.

Gmork the Legendary (The Cankerwood)


The Legendary Gmork may be found in Sweetfruit Village, which is located near the Cankerwood’s center.


The Legendary Gmork is a developed version of the Prime Wolvengar, having comparable characteristics but a bigger body and more bones protruding from it.

The Legendary Gmork is considered a ferocious version of the Prime Wolvengar by Hammerlock, who also labels it as Dire Wolven.

Kukuwajack, the legendary Kukuwajack (Negul Neshai)


The Legendary Kukuwajack may be discovered aboard the DAHL research ship within the Negul Neshai region, and can be readily found.


The Legendary Kukuwajack resembles a more primitive version of a ratch in appearance, having a bigger bone structure and spikes protruding from its back.

Kissing a loved one beneath the head of a Kukuwajack may bring good luck, according to Hammerlock’s handbook.

Hammerlock says that the term Kukuwajack means “terrifying insect monster,” and that it is derived from his local guidebook.

Kratch (Heart’s Desire) is a legendary creature.


The Legendary Kratch can be located near the “What Beats Beneath” quick transit station in Heart’s Desire.


The Legendary Kratch is a kind of Kritchidon that has characteristics similar to the Exposed Kritichon but presents a far greater danger owing to what seems to be present in a lab where research were conducted.

While the Kratch was classified as a Queen Slug, Hammerlock was disappointed to see that it had no slug characteristics.

The Benefits of Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt

Collecting Trophies


The heads of the monsters will be placed on the walls of The Lodge if Occult Hunts is completed successfully.

At level 57, you should expect to receive:

ECHO Theme: Eyeballs


After you’ve finished all of the Occult Hunts, Hammerlock will send you an ECHO Theme called “Eye Balls,” which includes moving eyes on your ECHO device.

The borderlands 3 hammerlock hunt locations is a guide for the enemies and location of the Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt.

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