Wraiths are the game’s most powerful class of character, capable of moving quickly and invisibly. With a few simple tips, players can learn how to become a Wraith main in Apex Legends.

Becoming a wraith main is one of the most difficult things in Apex Legends. It requires a lot of practice and skill.

You will discover how to become the greatest wraith main in the game with the help of this tutorial.

The first step is to gather information.

The First Step

  • Change your name to include TTV.
  • If you have TTV in your name, people will think you’re hip.

How to Play the Game:

The Second Step

  • When you first start a game, make sure you hold left control to avoid the jump master.
  • Simply hold the control button twice if you are the jumpmaster.
  • Make sure you land somewhere with a lot of people so you can get a lot of newbie kills.


The third step is

  • When landing, be careful to use the examine key to flex your Kunai. If you don’t already have the Kunai, just purchase packs until you do.
  • Go ahead and murder folks.
  • Don’t be concerned if you’re knocked down! It’s never your fault if your teammates refuse to accompany you; just press the escape key to exit the game.

Final Thoughts

Addition Suggestions:

  • Make certain you’re wearing the Liberator or the Quarantine 722. They reduce the size of your hitbox.

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Wraith is a new character in the Apex Legends game. The how to play wraith 2021 guide will help players understand how to be a Wraith Main in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Wraith Main in Apex legends?

Wraith is a class in Apex Legends, and the best player for this class is Octane.

What mental illness does Wraith have?

Wraith suffers from schizophrenia.

Is wraith a good main?


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