The teardown modding trend is a new way for players to modify their games in order to get more out of them. Players are able to change how the game looks, sounds, and plays by altering files on the game’s executable file. This is where mods come from.

The teardown mod menu is a feature that allows players to customize their games.

A guide to all of the many types of modding that are presently accessible in Teardown.


In this guide, I’ll go through Custom Maps first, then all kinds of modding that aren’t presently feasible (or how they could be), and finally all forms of modding that are currently known.

Making Your Own Maps

For a complete look at how to make a map, see the comprehensive full tutorial below.

Teardown: How to Make Custom Maps


Not at all possible

– Personalized Missions As far as I know, this isn’t feasible since the missions.lua files all point to hidden.xml files that can’t be viewed, thus there’s no way to create a new mission. However, you can alter which parts the missions appear in by switching the xml files to another area’s xml file. E.g. Lee has been replaced by Marina.

– Unique Weapons I can’t seem to locate any script files that alter how guns shoot (I looked for the spray can to change the color but couldn’t find anything), however you can edit the models under the ‘Custom Models’ area.

– Personalized Audio (Could be possible) I tried changing the audio files and fiddling with the extensions without success, but maybe someone else may have better results.

Models of Weapons Made to Order

So, if you go to Teardown’s Data folder, you should notice a folder named “Vox.”


Within should be two.vox models, which I assume are alternative models used after repeating a task; inside the tool folder should be all the ones you’ll be handed during the game. Simply open them in MagicaVoxel (if you don’t know how to use the software, see the Custom Level instruction above), modify the model to your satisfaction, and save it. The model should show when you reload an area!


Custom Maps: Vehicles and Custom Objects

How to include separate objects and vehicles into your levels is not covered in the Custom Guide. I’ll do my best to explain everything, but if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

Creating a Unique Object

To begin, create a model (I used a random clock tower file) and save the vox file to the ‘custom’ folder (or whichever map’s folder you are using).


As a result, your folder should now like this.


Then open the ‘custom.xml’ file in any text editor, such as notepad, and scroll down until you find this line.

file=”LEVEL/custom.vox” vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0

Now all you have to do is put this line underneath it.

file=”LEVEL/yourfilename.vox” vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0 0′′ vox pos=”0 0 0′′

(You may modify the XYZ coordinates of where it will spawn by adjusting the numbers after pos.)

As a result, it should now like this.


And there you have it!


You should now have a new model that isn’t connected to the main map!

Vehicle spawning

Now, this is fairly similar to what we did previously, except there’s a bit more code to deal with, and we’ll have to rename some things to make our model match with the code.

We’ll be altering an existing car model for this lesson, but you may use any model you currently have as long as you identify everything properly!

So, first and foremost, let’s get the code out of the way. All you have to do is put this code right underneath the /body> portion of the code we typed before.

posi=”5.7 1 -12.0′′ rot=”0.0 0.0 0.0′′ driven=”true” sound=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”suv2′′ vehicle name=”su topspeed=”5777775252500′′ spring=”0.8′′ damping=”0.8′′ acceleration=”16425252520″ strength=”5″ antispin=”0′′ antiroll=”0.2′′ difflock=”0.5′′ steerassist=”0.0′′> vox pos=”0.05 -0.2 0.25′′ rot=”0 180 0′′ density=”2′′ strength=”3′′> body pos=”-0.05 0.6 -0.25′′ rot=”0.0 0.0 0.0′′ dynamic=”true”> location tags=”player” pos=”0.35 1.25 0.25′′ rot=”0.0 0.0 0.0′′/> location tags=”player” pos=”0.35 1.25 0.25′′ rot=”0.0 0.0 0.0′′/> /vox> vox pos=”-0.1 -0.45 -0.05′′ rot=”0.0 -180.0 0.0′′ file=”LEVEL/suv3.vox” object=”wheel bl”/> vox pos=”-0.1 -0.45 -0.05′′ rot=”0.0 -180.0 0.0′′ rot=”0.0 -180.0 0.0′′ file=”LEVEL/suv3.vox” object=”wheel_ /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel> /wheel>

This is how it should seem.


You’ll need to rename all of the.vox files (so change my suv3.vox and suv3bkup.vox) to your new model’s name (DO NOT LAUNCH THE MAP YET, the game will crash if the files don’t exist or aren’t named correctly, and don’t change any non.vox file names, leave suv2 for both the name and the sound file name, just like mine) to your new model’s

Next, if you’re using a vehicle template, you should already have wheels; if not, you’ll need to add them and rename them; I’ll go over that later.

For this example, I’ll use the suv2.vox, which should now look like this.


Simply click on the vehicle model and remove it with the delete key; then drag in your new model and rotate it if necessary.

I re-adjusted the wheels for this model, although I don’t believe it’s essential since the xml file will change them anyhow.


The most crucial step now is to rename the model by going here.


After that, right-click on your new model and rename it to Body. If you want to create your own model without using the vehicle template, you’ll need to add wheels and rename them here.


Finally, return to the Vehicle code I copied and change each wheel position to suit your model. This is mainly a trial and error process, so keep saving and re-loading your map until it fits properly.

This position only has to be changed for each wheel “wheel name=”fr” pos=”0.5 -0.15 -.55′′”. The other is for rotation and should work out of the box.

fr = Front Right fl = Front Left br = Back Right bl = Back Left fr = Front Right fl = Front Left

Now, if everything went well, you should have your new vehicle!


This section of the code may be used to modify the car’s speed and handling.

topspeed=”5777775252500′′ acceleration=”16425252520′′ spring=”0.8′′ damping=”0.8′′ topspeed=”5777775252500′′ antispin=”0′′ antiroll=”0.2′′ difflock=”0.5′′ steerassist=”0.0′′> strength=”5′′ antispin=”0′′ antiroll=”0.2′′ difflock=”0.5′′ steerassist=”0.0′′>

For testing reasons, I set it to an absurdly high value.

This is all I know how to spawn in for now; I’m sure there’s a method to bring in propane tanks and the like, but it’s not documented anywhere yet, and as soon as it is, I’ll update this tutorial!

Apart from this guide, if there is anything else you’d want us to cover in relation to the game “Teardown,” please let us know in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

Baguette is the author of this piece.

The teardown tool mod is a program that allows you to view the source code of any Android app. It can be used by developers, or simply for people who want to learn more about apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get mods for Teardown?

Mods are not available for Teardown.

How do I install Car Teardown mods?

You can find Car Teardown mods on Steam Workshop.

How do I install the nuke Teardown mod?

You can find the mod on the Beat Saber Modding Discord server.

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