Visage is a platform that allows players to create and share their own avatars, with the ability to earn and trade virtual goods. It’s an open-source project that has been used by many developers as a way of creating new games.

The visage doll locations are a series of achievements that can be unlocked for your visage. It is located in the game’s main menu, and it will give you hints on where to find them.

A simple tutorial for a 2D alien that can spawn in four distinct places. To obtain the trophy, you must spam him; if you aren’t quick enough, he will scream and flee. The screenshots for each place may be seen below. If additional places are discovered, I will update this post.

To be clear, as Greasy pointed out, there is nothing “particular” that has to be done in order for it to spawn. It is a random number generator. I created a save in front of where the Alien would spawn and reloaded the save again and over to capture screenshots of it at each place. He’ll spawn eventually, even if it takes a few tries (eventually)

It doesn’t matter whether you do this at the beginning of the game, in between chapters, or at the conclusion.

1 spawn point

After the advancement chamber, in the center bookshelf beginning area.

2nd spawn point

On the first floor, between the portraits to the right of the TV in the living room.


Point 3 spawn

In the garage, between the big saw and the shears, on the tool rack


4th spawn point

Between the photos in the basement, outside the freezer room. Punish from the discord deserves credit for this particular screenshot.


Thank you so much for taking the time to go over my tutorial! If you would want this tutorial to acquire popularity and assist others get into Visage, I would be grateful. You may leave a comment on my tutorial if you have any queries or constructive feedback.

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Senpai Ryujin is the author of this piece.

Visage is a new game from the creators of Candy Crush. The player must collect all the pieces of a broken alien and turn it into a new, happy looking one. Reference: visage johnny’s gift.

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