Visage is a first-person horror game that has players exploring an abandoned house for clues and solving puzzles. The game was released in late 2017, but it didn’t get much attention until the developer released a patch that added VR support.

Visage is a game that takes place in the 80s where you must find all VHS tapes and mask pieces. The visage vhs tapes walkthrough is a helpful guide for finding these items.

Locations of all VHS tapes and mask pieces

You may receive a clue about where a component of the mask will be by playing the videos on the VHS player in the living room.


VHS Tape:

At the conclusion of Lucy’s chapter, she’s on the toilet.


Part of the mask:



If you haven’t received the door handle for the trap door after viewing this video. Go to the attic and unlock the box on the right in the hidden chamber to the right (behind the tool crates you have to shift).


You may now go to the trap door in the basement where the manikins are kept.




VHS Tape:

Sitting on a cardboard behind the door of the boiler room, which is in the basement to the left of the TV.


Part of the mask:



You’ll want to return to the room where you discovered this video after viewing it. To get to the vent, use the step ladder.



VHS Tape:

At the conclusion of Rakan’s Chapter, on the floor


Part of the mask:




Go to the basement where the manikins are and go back to the kitchen via the hallway after viewing this video. A light will flicker, and you will have to turn around and walk backwards.



VHS Tape:

Behind the door of the parents’ room on the ground. Because the parents’ door is blocked, you’ll have to walk via the shared closet from Lucy’s room.


Part of the mask:



Go to the TV room in the basement after viewing this video and look at the artwork on the wall to the left of it.



VHS Tape:

Between the two doors leading to the basement from the kitchen and hallway is a draw.


Part of the mask:



After viewing the video, proceed to the 6 locations listed in the clues and take the photo frames to the basement from the main door (electrical room, basement freezer room, parents closet, progress room, basement storage room, chair area opposite the laundry). In front of the stairwell’s terminus, there is a wall (stripped wall)



VHS Tape:

The basement rules noticeboard is located in the second drawer below.


Part of the mask:


After viewing the video, walk through Lucy’s room to the parents’ room. The bed will have vanished, and a hole on the floor with a ladder will have emerged.


VHS Tape:

Near the beginning of the game, in the bookcase

Part of the mask:


You’ll need to go to the basement and get the crowbar after viewing this video. After that, climb the stairs to the chamber where Daloras’ story begins and use the crowbar to break the floorboards.


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The visage all mirror locations is a tool that allows players to find all the pieces of visages in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all of the VHS tapes in visage?

All of the VHS tapes in visage are locked.

How many VHS tapes are there in visage?

There are approximately 4,000 VHS tapes in visage.

What is the rarest VHS tape?

I cannot answer this question.

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