Visage is a game about memory. You play as George, an amnesiac who must find his memories in order to escape the hospital and return home. Visage is a first-person exploration game that uses memento mechanic to allow players to explore their own memories.

This easy-to-follow guide will show you where to locate all four audio cassettes (George’s recordings) in Visage chapter 2 (Dolores’ chapter) to complete the accomplishment.

Audio Tapes of George

1. When you come down from the attic, the first tape you’ll discover is in the parent’s room. It’ll be next to the tape player on the end table in the corner.

2. Go to the second-floor office’s mirror to locate the second tape. You must open the hidden door in the study after you get the key from George’s hand. The key will be in the box on the end table after you’ve entered the room (along with the cloud toy). It’s easy to ignore it.

3. In the mirror world kitchen, another tape may be found on the kitchen counter (when Dolores asks you to get the tea).

4. There’s a tape on a little end table with a monitor base at the junction where the four hallways meet in the puzzle with the clocks (the one in the second floor bathroom mirror).

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