Borderlands 3 is one of the most anticipated games in recent years. The game’s release date was recently delayed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do before then. Here is a walkthrough for all of the missions in the game so far.

The all bets off borderlands 3 glitch is a mission in Borderlands 3. This mission can be completed by using the All Bets Off skill.

After destroying the Fabricator and power cord, the moment has come for you to finally take on Pretty Boy and complete the robbery.

Your mission will be to make your way to the end of the robbery, where you will not only rescue Timothy but also put an end to Pretty Boy’s reign of terror.

Walkthrough of the Mission


You must return to the Spendopticon after completing the Jack’s Wild assignment in order to meet Ember.


Follow the waypoint to Ember, who is waiting where the welcoming turrets have been deactivated and blast doors have been activated, exactly as per the plan, and the two of you will create an opening.


Once you’ve reached the blast doors, you’ll need to empty the area of any robots so that you and Ember may cut through them.


Ember will give you the Ultra-Thermite to break through the blast doors after all of the opponents have been defeated.


When you use the Ultra-Thermite, it will begin cutting through the wall on its own, but additional opponents will appear and attempt to stop you.


Defeat all opponents that appear while the Ultra-Thermite is cutting open the blast doors, and stay alive until no more enemies appear or the door is breached.


Make your way to the elevator via the fresh route that the blast door had previously blocked.


Enemies will be there, attempting to stop you, which you must overcome in order to continue.


After you’ve defeated all of the opponents in the region, Freddie The Traitor and his special robots will come, and a boss battle will begin.


Freddie must be defeated. The Traitor and his bots are on their way to the waypoint in order to complete the task.


The elevator will be free to use, and you will ride it to the top floor, where you will find the boss battle location.


You’ll find yourself in a control room with a view of the detention center where Timothy is being kept.


Find the opening behind the consoles and leap down to the boss battle area, where Pretty Boy awaits.


There will be a cutscene involving Pretty Boy and the Jackpot mech, and after that, you must beat them.


Pretty Boy will be trapped within the Jackpot mech, therefore you’ll have to battle the robot till it’s destroyed.


After you’ve beaten Pretty Boy and the Jackpot mech, go over to Timothy, who attempts to explain how to stop the casino from being guided to its destiny by the “Screw Everyone I’m Rich” protocol.


Timothy will cut his arm as a last option, allowing you to utilize his Winning Hand to disable the protocol and rescue the casino.


The robbery will be finished after you grab the severed hand and go to the console to disable the protocol.


After a sequence in which Moxxi stops the casino’s corruption and takes control, as well as a few additional bonus scenes, the task will be completed.

Rewards for the Plan Mission


The task will be completed after the credits have rolled, and you will get 69,360 cash as well as the “Rico” legendary shield mod.



  • Freddie The Traitor is essentially a non-threat and may be easily eliminated, but be wary of his robots, since they can do significant damage.
  • Bringing both incendiary and corrosive weapons to the battle with Freddie The Traitor and Jackpot will be beneficial.
  • Jackpot will hurl many strikes at you, so make sure you have excellent movement speed, health, and shield capacity to increase your chances of surviving.

The borderlands 3 the compactor missions is a mission in Borderlands 3. This mission takes place at a time when Claptrap has been taken over by Hyperion and he’s trying to take over the world with his army of robots.

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