The Borderlands 3 Acid Trip Mission Walkthrough is a mission in the game that has you playing as Claptrap. You are tasked with finding out what happened to your friend, Jack.

The borderlands 3 acid trip walkthrough is a guide to help players complete the mission in the game.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • Jack’s Secret is the location.
  • 50th level

Hitch, a robot, needs your assistance since a new line of robots is being developed, and if this occurs, its heritage will be lost.

You must go to the creation room where the robots are being created and stop them from being produced, as well as destroy those that have already been built.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Make your way to the R&D lab, which is outside the impound lot and should be accessible after you’ve completed the main mission Moxxi’s Heist.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.


Following the waypoint will take you to Jack’s Secret, where you will soon find yourself in the impound area.


The R&D Lab will be a long distance away, but you will finally find it at the top of a ladder, which you will ascend to continue with the quest.


Hitch will instruct you to clear the lab of robots once you arrive, and once they emerge, you must kill all of them before continuing with the task.


Access the neighboring supercomputer after the lab has been approved to get access to the prototype loaders that are kept there.


You will be able to push two buttons, each of which will unleash a prototype, and you must open both and kill each robot.


After hitting the adjacent buttons, the two prototype loaders will be unleashed and will attack you as soon as they see you.

Destroy both prototype robots, causing the lab’s system to trigger the ultimate prototype known as “Facemelt.”


Once Facemelt has been unleashed, go over to it and kill it to put a stop to the lab’s prototypes.


After you’ve destroyed Facemelt, Hitch will call you to thank you for your assistance, and the task will be finished.

Rewards for the Acid Trip Mission


You will be awarded with approximately 69,360 coins and the legendary shotgun “Melt Facer” after completing the Acid Trip quest.



  • Because the majority of the opponents you’ll encounter in the quest are robots, carrying a corrosive weapon is a smart choice.
  • Facemelt may be a robot, but it was intended to be resistant to corrosive substances for some reason, therefore carry a different kind of weapon for it.
  • If you want to complete the task quickly, stick to the waypoints and ignore the opponents until they are needed to be cleared.

The borderlands 3 raging bot is a mission that you can get after completing the main story. It’s an acid trip, so be careful.

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