The Bloody Harvest Event returns to Borderlands 3 for a limited time. This event is where players can earn some extra loot, but it’s also an opportunity to take part in the game’s Halloween celebrations.

The borderlands 3 bloody harvest 2021 is a new update that was released for Borderlands 3. This update includes a new mode called Bloody Harvest which adds a new way to play the game.

As October approaches, we can anticipate a slew of new features for Borderlands 3, including the Bloody Harvest event, which was just revealed on the Borderlands show.

The Bloody Harvest Event is anticipated to include new material as well as Halloween-themed activities for us to enjoy, as well as a special event-related prize for those who complete the event’s tasks.

What is to Come


Borderlands 3’s creative director, Paul Sage, claims that it’s “genuine content,” explaining that it’s something we receive for spending money on the game and that it “truly contributes to being a part of it.”

It’s been confirmed that the event will include a quest, as well as numerous challenges, opponents, equipment, and other goodies for us to enjoy.

Paul adds that the event will include new features such as two fresh new weapons, a new shield, a new grenade mod, and more that are themed for the occasion.

Terror is a new debuff.


A new debuff known as “Terror” has been developed, which, according to Paul, affects the character’s weapon swing and aim with the addition of effects on your screen.

This seems like it might be a particularly vexing debuff, especially because it stacks with the other debuffs already in place, making things even more difficult, but it has also been suggested that certain gear can mitigate the affects.

“There are also anointed, what we call parts that influence fear, so there are some of these parts that will take dread and use it to your advantage, identifying these various parts is part of it,” Paul said.

So, not only do we have a debuff, but it seems that they have also built a mechanism that enables us to utilize the debuff in conjunction with things we may earn throughout the event.



If you’ve spotted this dinosaur-like monster, you may assume it’s a new enemy, a pet, or a mount, but you’d be mistaken; Maurice is who you’re searching for.

Maurice is a Saurian that is supposed to be the guide to all of the seasonal activities in Borderlands 3 and is expected to appear on Sanctuary, so don’t be shocked if you encounter him on your ship.

Bloody Harvest is known to be active in October, but if you’re not sure if it is or not, seeing this Saurian on Sanctuary is a clear indication that it is.

When Bloody Harvest and other events are live, Maurice will be the one to speak with you and explain what is going on.

Captain Haunt is the new boss.


It has been revealed that a new boss will be introduced, perhaps dubbed “Captain Haunt,” who would most likely be the event’s boss.

Certain opponents in the game are haunted or possessed, and when you kill them, they will produce ghosts of various kinds.

These ghosts will drop something called “Hectoplasm,” which may be gathered later on throughout the event and after you kill off these ghosts in any way imaginable.

You may gather Hectoplasm and then enter the map where “Captain Haunt” is located, as well as the stated special map, to reap the benefits for your efforts during the event.



The event is expected to last approximately one and a half months, so you have plenty of time, but it’s better to attempt to complete the tasks and engage as much as possible early on.

One thing to keep in mind is that the things accessible during such events are yours to keep, but after the event is done, they are no longer available. As Paul puts it, “this is all stuff that goes away,” stressing that it is a one-time event.

It’s important to take advantage of the event while it lasts and complete whatever tasks you can as quickly as possible so you don’t lose out on anything, so gather your friends and tackle this new challenge!

The borderlands 3 bloody harvest legendaries is a new event in the game. It is only available for a limited time, so make sure you get your hands on it before it’s gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the bloody harvest event last?

The bloody harvest event lasts until the end of October.

What do the skulls do in bloody harvest?

The skulls are used as a visual representation of the current level.

Why does bloody harvest say inactive?

Bloody Harvest is a seasonal event. It was active from October 30th to November 2nd, 2018.

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