Borderlands 3 is the third game in the series, following on from Borderlands 2 and its first DLC, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It was released on September 13th 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The how to restart trial of discipline is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It will take you through the tutorial, and show you what the game has to offer.

The Challenge Of Discipline is typically the third trial that most players encounter, and it seems to be one of the simplest, given how easy the Maliwan opponents are to overcome.

The majority of the opponents you’ll encounter in Promethea will be at the proving grounds for this trial, and they’ll be easy to dispatch.



The Trial Of Discipline may be discovered in the Meridian Outskirts when you go for the Precipice Anchor during the Discover The Trial Of Discipline quest.


Area 1


Once you reach the first section, you will be attacked by a variety of troopers, including med troopers, flash troopers, assault troopers, and even jet troopers.


There will be at least one strong Maliwan opponent in the area, which will spawn in with the other troops after you’ve defeated them.

Area 2


Enemies will be stationed defensively and waiting for your arrival when you reach the second location.

There will be more heavy units than in the previous region, which may be hazardous, particularly if other components are present.


There will also be hoplites, such as regular mechs and more sophisticated ones like a reaper, who will come to kill you.

Area 3


More opponents will spawn in the third region, and they will have better weaponry and complement each other owing to the mix of heavy and light foes.


In addition to the various Maliwan troop combinations, nogs will emerge to aid the other Maliwan soldiers by sheltering or assisting their friends in killing you.


Discipline’s Arbalest


The ultimate monster will be the Arbalest Of Discipline, a strong hoplite or mech who will use hoplite-like assaults to kill you.


It will become immune and begin to restore its health if its health is reduced to a deadly level, but it will also grow more wild or unstable throughout the battle.



  • With strong critical strikes around its back or torso near its less armored regions, as well as corrosive damage for its armor, the Arbalest Of Discipline may be quickly taken down.
  • Shock weapons will do a lot of damage to Maliwan soldiers with shields, but its health may be quickly addressed with by targeting weak areas or utilizing damage over time status effect weapons.
  • Due to Maliwan’s advanced tech, some of the opponents will inflict a lot of damage, but using the covers and high ground in specific places may rapidly reverse the tide.

The borderlands 3 trials guide is a walkthrough for Borderlands 3. It includes information on how to complete the trial of discipline and all the challenges that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to true trial of discipline?

You need to complete all of the trials in order to get access to the true trial of discipline.

How do you unlock the trial of cunning?

The trial of cunning is unlocked by completing the game.

How do you find a precipice anchor?

You can find a precipice anchor by using the left stick to look for something that sticks out of the ground.

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