Borderlands 3 is out today, and it’s the game that fans have been waiting for. We’re here to help you through the first mission of the game with a guide on how to complete it.

The do it for digby part 2 play emote is a mission in Borderlands 3. It was released on May 14, 2019.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • The Spendopticon is located in the Vice District.
  • 50th level

Digby isn’t feeling well and wants a drink to clear his head of what he refers to as “the fog,” which is clouding his thoughts and making him uncomfortable.

Your mission is to collect ingredients for an unique drink that will assist Digby in getting back on his feet and restoring his health.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.

Walkthrough of the Mission


Digby’s initial request is that you give him a whack, which means you strike him with your melee attack.


Digby will want you to collect the ingredients for an unique drink, the Junpai Jumpstarter, after he has regained some sanity.


Paint Thinner will be the first component, which you may get in front of the Hot Bots building near where Digby is.


The next thing you’ll need is ratch eggs, which can be discovered nearby, hidden above a garage door.


Some gamers get perplexed, believing they must find a way inside; instead, you must walk to the right and climb up from the side.


To go to the next component, climb to the top of the ledge and collect the ratch eggs that have been concealed above the garage door.


A waypoint will direct you to the last item, Foxxxi’s Cabaret, where you’ll find the lime at the rear of the bar.


Return to the bar where Digby is seated after you’ve gathered all of the components for the Junpai Jumpstarter.


You’ll have to add and mix the various components many times until the final drink is blended.


Continue to interact with the blender until all of the ingredients have been added to it and it is ready to be delivered to Digby.


Once the mixture is ready, give it to Digby so he may drink it and rid his head of the fog.


Digby will appear out of nowhere and pass out on the ground, but don’t worry, it’s just the Junpai Jumpstarter kicking in.


Digby will rise and praise you for your assistance, bringing the task to a close but also revealing a part 2 quest from Digby.

Mission Reward: Do It For Digby (Part 1)


You will get 69,360 dollars for completing the Do It For Digby (Part 1) task, as well as unlock the Do It For Digby (Part 2) objective.



  • There isn’t much to do besides collect ingredients for Digby’s drink.
  • Because there are many people, you won’t be able to escape most of the opponents, but they won’t pose much of a danger either, so pack some flaming weapons.

The borderlands 3 tip the mime is a mission in Borderlands 3. This guide will walk players through this mission.

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