The Vault Hunters are back in Borderlands 3, and this time they’re not alone. Digby is with them, but he’s got a few secrets of his own. What happened to the original Digby? Why does he have a different personality?

The do it for digby part 2 play emote pc is the second mission in the Borderlands 3 Do It For Digby (Part 2) Mission Walkthrough. This guide will show you how to complete the mission and what rewards you can earn.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Planet: The Attractive Lottery
  • The Spendopticon is located in the Vice District.
  • 50th level

Digby is well now that you helped him get better while he was trapped in the fog, but he appears to be missing Delilah, his favorite saxophone, and he needs your assistance to retrieve it.

Your mission is to figure out where Delilah has gone and return her to Digby so he may continue playing his beautiful music.

Moxxi’s Heist Main Quests Walkthrough is available below.

Walkthrough of the Mission


You must first follow the waypoint, which will lead you via The Velvet Shuttle and onto a hyperway.


Activate the hyperway to go on to the next region, where you’ll look for clues regarding Delilah’s whereabouts.


You’ll arrive at Prosperity Falls after using the hyperway, and you’ll need to investigate Delilah’s whereabouts by following the waypoint.


When you get at the waypoint, there will be a doorbell next to a closed door that you must push in order for Chad, Digby’s friend, to inform you where Delilah was last seen.


Fast travel to the Vice District or follow the waypoint that takes you to the hyperway that will take you there once Chad has given you instructions.


Following the waypoint will lead you to Milo The Mime, with whom you will converse in order to get clues.


Milo The Mime will begin to act, and you must tip it in order for it to continue providing silent information.


Digby will inform you that you must speak with it in its native tongue and that you must use an emote.


Milo has a good probability of succeeding. The Mime will get enraged, and you will have to damage it in order to extract the information.


Milo The Mime will begin to talk after it has recovered his health and will tell you where Delilah is, which will be indicated by a waypoint.


It is revealed that Bloody G. has Delilah, and as soon as you approach the waypoint, he will crawl under a fence and begin assaulting you.


As soon as Bloody G. emerges from under the gate, begin fighting him until you kill him, forcing him to drop Delilah.


Bloody G. will drop Delilah The Hoversax when he dies, which you must pick up and return to Digby.


When you get to Digby, give him Delilah The Hoversax, and he’ll thank you and play a lovely song for you to enjoy.


Wait for Digby to finish playing his treasured saxophone, and when he does, he’ll speak with you for a few moments before the task is completed.

Mission Reward: Do It For Digby (Part 2)


You will get approximately 69,360 dollars as a reward for completing Do It For Digby (Part 2), and the Do It For Digby (Part 3) quest will become available.



  • The majority of the opponents in the region will be robots, but there will be some people and even ratch along the route, thus having corrosive and incendiary weaponry will be beneficial.
  • You’ll come across a number of opponents along the route, but you don’t have to kill them all; instead, go towards the waypoints.
  • Although Bloody G. has a higher health pool than most opponents, you can simply kill him with headshots and extra damage from incendiary damage.

Part 2 of the Borderlands 3 The Great Escape is a mission where you have to kill all the enemies in the area. Reference: borderlands 3 the great escape part 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do it for Digby Part2 how to emote?

Im sorry, I dont know what that is.

How to Play emote borderlands3?

To play an emote borderlands3, you need to press the button on your controller that corresponds with the number of the emote.

How to Play emote borderlands3 Xbox One?

To play an emote borderlands3 Xbox One, you will need to go into the game and press the button that corresponds with the borderlands3 emote you want to use.

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