Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the third major installment in the Borderlands series, and was released on September 13, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The borderlands 3 general traunt drops is a guide that provides information about the location, attacks and drops of the general traunt.

General Traunt is Captain Traunt’s elder brother, and he will be waiting for you in the Footsteps Of Giants quest, ready to exact vengeance and prevent you from reaching the vault.

General Traunt, like his brother, is a powerful foe who, unlike his younger brother, employs corrosive and shock assaults.


During the Footsteps Of Giants assignment, General Traunt will be waiting for you in a tiny arena-like environment to murder you on your approach to the vault in Nekrotafeyo.

You’ll need to be aware of spawning opponents as well as his wandering elemental assaults, which may catch you off guard, just like you did with his sibling.

General Traunt is fighting and killing people.


General Traunt will assault you with a variety of elemental attacks, ranging from caustic to shocking.

When maintained at a safe distance from him, each of his assaults may be avoided, while others must be evaded since they have their own movement.


If you maintain your distance, General Traunt will try to confront you and close in on you, but wandering around him while aiming to fire his back and strike his weak spot may continually stagger him.


Other opponents may appear to aid General Traunt throughout the battle; utilizing these foes to help you get back up after being knocked down is critical for individuals who may not be able to resist his other assaults.



General Traunt’s weak spot, like that of other heavy opponents, is a gadget on his back that does critical damage when shot at.

When he is struck, he will frequently stumble, making him extremely simple to kill if you get behind him.

Attacks of Note

Shock Projectile from a Long Distance


When you’re far enough away from General Traunt, he’ll try to strike you with a tiny shock projectile from a great distance.

It’s easy to avoid since it moves slowly and hardly impacts anything, although it does have a limited affect area.

Shock Projectiles with a Burst of Fire


General Traunt will shoot numerous shock missiles in an arc in front of him, and the closer you go to him, the faster you will be struck.

It’s possible to avoid this by stepping out of the path as he lifts his weapon and it’s charging up.

Boulder with Elemental Roaming


General Traunt will fire a massive missile that is either shock or corrosive after powering up his weapon.

For a certain period of time, this missile will travel throughout the boss battle arena.

Bouncing Bomb with Corrosive Effects


General Traunt fires a huge missile that explodes on contact and bounces about, inflicting extra area of effect damage where it lands.

He’ll charge it up before throwing it at you, allowing you time to maneuver around and dodge it.

Pillars of Shock


Large shock objects will be produced in specific locations, and if you approach them, you will get shock damage.

Keep a safe distance from these items to prevent being hurt.

Drops of Note


Captain Traunt has a reputation for dropping uncommon to rare things, with a tiny possibility of dropping legendary items at random.



  • General Traunt is quite similar to his younger brother, Captain Traunt, and the two can be readily compared when it comes to beating.
  • Aim for his weak area to swiftly beat him, as he will easily become staggered and his health will be reduced with multiple strikes to the back.
  • If you aren’t properly prepared to confront him and your level doesn’t offer you an edge, try not to approach too near.

The kill general traunt location is a guide for killing the General Traunt in Borderlands 3. It includes information on where to find, how to kill, and what drops it has.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does General Traunt drop?

General Traunt drops a random weapon, and also has a high chance to drop the rare Laser Cutter which is needed for building new weapons.

What is the easiest way to beat Captain Traunt?

If you want to beat Captain Traunt, you should use a sword and shield.

What is Captain Traunt weak to?

Captain Traunt is weak to the following weapons:

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