In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to complete all of the missions in Borderlands 3’s Going Rogue DLC.

The borderlands 3 going rogue bug is a mission that was released as part of the Borderlands 3 Going Rogue DLC. This mission has been causing players to get stuck and not be able to complete it.

A smuggling team entrusted with infiltrating the Children Of The Vault and obtaining the vault key piece has gone silent.

In reaction to their unexpected disappearance, your mission is to discover out what happened to them and locate the vault key.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Making Use Of The Rogue-Sight


Clay’s gang has a secret method to locate hidden items, passageways, and more, which you can see with an unique weapon called the “Rogue-Sight” that he provides you.


Take the Rogue-Sight with you so you can figure out where to fire later in the quest to disclose where these hints and mysteries lead.


There will be an extra mission in which you must visit three different places with concealed markings in order to uncover caches placed by Clay’s gang.


You can view hidden targets by pointing down the “Rogue-Sight,” which you may shoot to expose the secrets that have been concealed.

After you’ve visited all three places, utilize the “Rogue-Sight” to discover the secrets and plunder the caches.

I’m on my way to Ambermire.


Once you’ve completed the optional goals, travel to Ambermire, where the majority of the quest will take place.


As you approach the waypointed spot, use the “Rogue-Sight” to discover the concealed mark that must be shot in order to unlock the tunnel.


You’ll see that there are many markers to strike in order to open the path to Ambermire, which you’ll then shoot and continue there.


Head over to the new zone where your new tasks will take place after you’ve opened the door to Ambermire.

Rogue’s Base of Operations


As soon as you reach the Ambermire, your mission will be to locate the Rogue’s base, which will take you past a few roaming foes and a lot of swampland.


As you approach the waypoint, you’ll see that you’re approaching an entry and will need to utilize the Rogue-Sight to locate the markings that will allow you to enter.


Use the Rogue-Sight at a greater distance since the marking will be more concealed than previous ones.


Inside the base, go ahead and approach a door that seems to be closed but will open as you get close to it.


Ignore the red lights, which typically indicate that it is locked; as you approach it, it will become open.

Rogue’s Base is being investigated.


Inside, turn on the power switch on the side of the console to provide the base with both power and light.


As soon as you switch on the power, the base will be flooded with dead crew members, and you’ll have to find out what occurred and if Archimedes is among them.

Until the goal is completed, search each of the corpses in the room, which needs you to examine four of the dead bodies.


Following your investigation of the random corpses, a particular body will emerge that looks similar to Archimedes, whom Clay wants you to locate.


A rogue ID will be laying on the floor among the pandemonium, which Clay tells you to pick up so you can investigate what occurred by getting it examined.


You’ll need to pull up surveillance video to figure out what occurred, which will require you to activate a security panel within the room.


Watch the holographic playback of the event until it’s finished, and then you’ll be handed your next set of tasks.


You’ll need to activate a treasure tracker, which is back at a panel attached to the table in the center of the room, to figure out where the other crew member fled.

The tracker will not function since you’ll need IDs from the other agent, which Clay tells you to go get first.

Getting Agent IDs


You’ll start by going up to Agent Dee, who is dressed as a bandit and seems to be having a good time with the others.


Agent Dee’s cover must be broken by blasting the mark with the Rogue-Sight, revealing his real nature.


Agent Dee will change into a goliath and fight the enemy, and you and Agent Dee will have to wipe out the attackers before you and Agent Dee can talk about anything else.


Agent Dee will let you to take his Rogue ID after that, and you must then go to a dead drop to look for another agent named Quietfoot.


You must also fire the dead drop at a particular place that may be viewed on the Rogue-Site.


Aim for the marker and shoot at it to expose the secret items Quietfoot has buried within, giving you a clearer understanding of what occurred.


Take the dead drop Quietfoot has left behind, which will later turn out to be an Echo log in which he pretends to be investigating a rogue agent and gives orders to meet up later to exchange information that was originally intended for Clay.


Follow the waypoint on your map to the area where Clay and Quietfoot are scheduled to meet.


Quietfoot will be restrained and gagged in a cage, which you will free by pressing a nearby lever indicated by a waypoint.


The cage will be booby-trapped, and Quietfoot will be blown up seconds after warning you of the trap and warning you to prepare for a battle.


His captives, Mud Neck Clan bandits, will assault you, and you must kill each and every one of them before continuing.


Kill all of the Mud Neck Clan bandits that come until there are none left, then return to the cage to get Quietfoot’s ID.


Take Quietfoot’s ID, and Clay will inform you that you need another ID from Domino, which will need you to go to the docks nearby.


Make your way through Ambermire to the waypoint leading to the docks, where you may look for the final ID.


Domino will call you as soon as you arrive, informing you that the region is overrun with bandits and that he wants your assistance wiping them out.

Assist Domino by eliminating all of the bandits that appear until no more waves of attackers come.


Domino will ask you to repair a crane and will need you to climb all the way to the top to bring it into position so that tracking can be done.


Ascend the ladder and activate the console indicated with a waypoint, then make your way to the crane’s top.


Head over to the scanner after you’ve climbed to the top of the crane and the scanner has been relocated.


You’ll need to utilize the Rogue-Sight once more to be able to fire on the following target, which is about to start.


The Rogue-Sight mark will do damage, and you’ll have to strike it with a melee hit or justshoot it to unjam it.


While the scanner is charging, you will be attacked by attackers again, and you must fight them off until the timer runs out.


Go to Domino’s workplace, which is just a portable toilet, to get his ID, which is hidden within the toilet.


Once the portable toilet has been used, the Domino’s ID will be discarded, and you may return to the Rogue’s headquarters with the other IDs.

The Vault Key Fragment Is Being Tracked


When you return to the Rogue Base, get the IDs you just obtained scanned so you may utilize the tracker.


Use the computer to connect to the site to activate the treasure tracker, and the base will begin to channel energy on the table in the center of the room.


A hologram jabber will be formed, and it will begin to guide you to the vault key piece that was stolen during the assault on the base.


Make your way through all of the places that holo-jabber directs you to until you achieve your goal.

Archimedes’ location


You’ll find yourself at the bottom of an elevator, which you must travel all the way to the top, where the holo-jabber has directed you.


When you reach the summit and continue exploring, you will come face to face with the actual Archimedes, who seems to be the renegade agent.


Fight Archimedes, who has been anointed, and crush him to get his treasure, which contains the stolen vault key piece.

Returning to Sanctuary


After destroying what’s left of Archimedes, grab the vault key piece and return to Sanctuary.


To accomplish the task, go to Tannis and give him the vault key piece.

Mission Reward for Going Rogue


You will be awarded with approximately 5,117 and the legendary assault weapon “Traitor’s Death” after completing the Going Rogue quest.



  • The task will be lengthy, and you will most likely be rushing around to several places, so be prepared by equipping yourself with a decent shield mod and enough of ammo to prevent having to fast travel back.
  • You’ll be up against a lot of opponents, so if you’re having trouble at first, raise your level to prevent dying again and over.
  • You will only require the Rogue-Site weapon to access designated sites; however, you may use other weapons at any time throughout the operation, even while destroying the markings.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The going rogue borderlands 3 elevator is a mission in the Borderlands 3 game. This mission has you going through an elevator to get to the bottom of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the going rogue mission in Borderlands 3?

To go rogue in Borderlands 3, you will need to complete the mission The Vault and then talk to Marcus.

How do I get to Ambermire?

Ambermire is a location in the game and you cannot get to it without using a cheat code.

How do you defeat Archimedes?

You need to use the laser cutter in the left hand, and avoid his attacks.

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