The Golden Caves are the final area of Borderlands 2’s campaign, and they’re a wild ride. They’re also one of the more difficult areas in the game, so we’ve put together some tips to help you complete them with ease.

Borderlands 3 has many different types of weapons, armor, and skills. One of the most popular is the golden touch which allows you to shoot gold bullets that do more damage than regular ones.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Ascension Bluff is a place in the United States.
  • Level: 8

The Children of the Vault have ludicrous sculptures and tiny statues strewn around, which has irritated Vaughn, therefore as a team, you will set out to build monuments in Vaughn’s likeness instead.

You’ll embark on a mission to collect Vaughn wanted posters that can be scanned and used to manufacture golden statues of him in lieu of the Children of the Vault sculptures.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting ready to see Ascensions Bluff


Get in your car and drive to Ascensions Bluff, or use quick travel if you have a destination close or in Ascensions Bluff.

Once you’ve arrived at Ascensions Bluff, follow the waypoint to the area where Vaughn’s wanted posters are posted, as well as the location of the 3D printer you’ll utilize later.

Vaughn’s Wanted Posters: Where to Find Them


The area will be filled with opponents, so be ready to battle your way inside while battling the bandits.

It’s best not to rush through all of the opponents, but rather to make your way through while killing them, as it may become hazardous if you’re not careful, since the area is teeming with bandits who can easily outnumber you.

Vaughn Poster Collecting


The first poster will be on display at the first place you approach, and it will be the closest one on ground level, so grab it first and then go up to the adjacent stairwell for easy access to the other two.

Posters are readily picked up, so grab them and keep moving to prevent attackers concentrating their fires on a seated target.


Simply grab the Vaughn profile poster and make your way up the stairs, taking out opponents along the way.

It’s better to keep going ahead while picking up the posters and killing any remaining opponents at the end of the section, since there are many adversaries.


After ascending the steps and going ahead, take a left to cross a bridge and get one of the other posters, so you won’t have to return for it later since the third one is much farther away.

Because the amount of opponents may take a toll on both your ammunition and your health, make sure to open up any treasure containers lying about for ammo and to replenish your health.


Return over the bridge to the third poster after grabbing the poster of Vaughn’s private region.


The third poster, which depicts Vaughn’s front perspective, will be on its way to the printer, therefore you should collect it last so you can finish the task quicker.

The Golden Statues’ Construction


Make your way to the scanner and put the Vaughn posters there so that they may be scanned and utilized to make golden sculptures of him.

Because the 3D printer may take a while, be sure to loot or kill any lingering opponents for experience.


Vaughn will ask you for your thoughts on the sculptures, and you will respond with a confidence-boosting praise. Vaughn will then tell you to locate the COV statues, destroy them, and replace them with his statues.

COV Statues to be Replaced


Follow the directions to the COV statues closest to you and demolish them to create room for Vaughn’s golden sculptures.

There are many checkpoints surrounding you where the COV have put statues; you may go to any of them, but if you want to complete the task fast, go to the nearest ones and plan your path using your map.

The first is in the same room as the 3D printer, while the second is right below you in the back of a truck that you can use to swiftly cross two items off your list.


After you’ve destroyed the COV statues, use the use key to install the Vaughn sculptures, which you’ll have to do three times to advance.

It’s better to install the statues right after you demolish the COV ones so you don’t have to go back and look for them afterwards.

Returning to Vaughn with a report


After you’ve replaced all of the COV sculptures, return to Vaughn by driving or fast traveling to the propaganda center and talk with him to finish the objective.

Vaughn will speak for a while and may even start doing pushups, but the task will ultimately be completed and you will get your prizes.

Mission Reward: Golden Calves


The rewards for completing the Golden Calves quest are approximately 445 Cash and a rare shield mod.



  • If you have Ascensions Bluff listed as a quick travel destination, as well as returning to the propaganda center, it might be a good idea to utilize fast travel to go back and forth.
  • Because there will be high-level opponents and the area will be teeming with them, make sure you refill on ammunition and see if you can upgrade your gear or maybe buy weapons from a vending machine.
  • To avoid traveling back and forth, try to take a decent route to the posters and utilize the map and waypoints to find them correctly. A map with many waypoints may be confusing at times, so start with the nearest ones.

The borderlands 3 pandora side missions is a walkthrough of the Golden Caves in Borderlands 3. It includes all the secrets and hidden items that you can find in the area.

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