In the Borderlands 3 Graveward Guide, we will cover how to kill, location, drops and attacks. The best strategy for defeating this enemy is to use a shotgun or sniper rifle along with a shield.

The borderlands 3 graveward drops is a location in the game that has many valuable items. It is also where you can find the Grave Warden boss.

The Graveward is a monster who you will encounter during the Cold As The Grave Mission. He is also the vault guardian that you must defeat in order to gain access to the vault and learn its secrets.

After killing two lesser vault guards, they release energy, which awakens the Graveward, whom you must then battle.


After receiving the completely constructed vault key from Tannis during the Cold As The Grave quest, you will meet the Graveward in The Floating Tomb.

You must then defeat the Graveward in order to continue with the task, which requires you to investigate the vault it has been protecting.

The Graveward: Fighting and Killing


Because the Graveward will be so vast, it will be able to attack you no matter where you are in the region, forcing you to study its patterns in order to avoid its assaults.

The majority of its attacks can be avoided, although some can be withstood if you have a strong shield, but it’s better to avoid them as much as possible to prevent being knocked down.


It will smash you, throw missiles at you, and even try to knock you off the platform you are standing on while battling it.

When the platform is slanted, you’ll need to leap to the opposite side frequently to prevent falling to your death.


During the battle, you’ll be assaulted by opponents you’ve met on Eden-6, which you should store for later if you are knocked out.



The Graveward’s torso and skull will feature glowing portions that may be fired to inflict critical damage.


When it tries to slam the platform, its arms get stuck for a short time, making orbs in its hands simple to detect and fire.

These may also be fired at it to inflict critical damage, and they should be targeted anytime it is trapped in a position like this.


The Graveward will be dazed if it takes enough damage, particularly from critical strikes, and will bend its head, allowing you an easy shot at its vulnerable point on its skull.

Attacks of Note

Corrosive Blobs are a kind of corrosive blob that


When The Graveward tilts the platform, enormous corrosive blobs usually descend to the point where the platform is slanted.

When the platform is tilted, just leap in the direction you need to go and keep an eye out for the blobs, which you can see from afar before they reach you, giving you a clue as to where you should go.

Attack with a Swipe


The Graveward will strike you with a hook punch that sweeps over the platform with its right arm.

To avoid receiving damage from this assault, you may slip through gaps in the platform.

Vomit that is corrosive


If you do not get out of range, the Graveward will spew a vomit-like material with corrosive qualities that will harm you.

This assault will happen if you go too near to The Graveward, and it may be avoided by moving out of the path since it will spray from one side to the other.

Laser incendiary


The Graveward will release a beam that will span the direction it is looking and then travel from one side to the other after charging up.

The area it travels through will be set on fire, causing incendiary harm to anybody who comes into contact with it.

Avoid this by hiding in the platform’s holes or moving out of the route the beam is following.

Slam of Corrosive


Corrosive missiles will rain down in the region surrounding the left-hand orb when it does a smash with its left arm.

To prevent being hurt by the impact and missiles, move away from the area where the slam is going to happen.

Drops of Note


Aside from rare to epic items, The Graveward has a chance to drop the legendary artifact “Grave” as well as the legendary shield mod “Ward.”



  • When you can, aim for its weak areas to knock it down quicker and stun it for an easier opportunity to score critical rounds at it.
  • Bring weapons that can precisely target its weak areas from a long distance, as well as a weapon that can do a lot of damage up close when it is downed.
  • Make advantage of the platform’s holes to dodge many of The Graveward’s assaults, and attempt to figure out which one it is going to throw by analyzing its attacks.
  • When you aren’t able to target any weak places on its body, bring anything to harm it that has a high ammunition capacity.

The borderlands 3 graveward farm is a location in the game that has many enemies and good loot. The Graveward Farm is located in the northwest corner of the map, near some mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What loot does Graveward drop?

Graveward drops a variety of loot, including weapons and armor.

What is the Graveward weak to?

The Graveward is weak to the Spirit Sword.

What level should you be to fight Graveward?

Graveward is a difficult boss, but you can beat him at level 1.

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