The Guardian Rank is a new ranking system that Borderlands 3 players will unlock as they progress through the game. This guide will help you learn what each rank means and how to get there.

The borderlands 3 guardian rank farm is a guide for how to level up your Guardian Rank in Borderlands 3.

While it comes to the endgame in Borderlands 3, your Guardian Rank is very important since it has an impact on your character later on, particularly when playing endgame content and using Mayhem Mode.

Your Guardian Rank enables you to add additional stats to your characters as well as unlock various passives that will benefit them in the future after you have accumulated enough points in a certain branch.

Aside from stats and passive skills, when a tree has enough points in it, player and weapon skins may be unlocked.

How Do I Get The Guardian Rank?


Once you’ve completed the Borderlands 3 narrative mode with at least one character, you’ll be able to earn Guardian Rank.

After you’ve completed the narrative mode, all of your characters will get Guardian Rank benefits and will be able to earn experience to raise their rank.

As a result, it’s more practical to wrap up the narrative with at least one character before moving on to the others.

Basics of the Guardian Rank


After you’ve earned your Guardian Rank by finishing the main narrative in Borderlands 3, a purple pinkish bar will start to grow as you gain experience.

The Guardian Rank bar will appear above your character’s experience meter if you’re playing alongside another character.


When you earn experience after unlocking your Guardian Rank, the bar will fill up with the experience you gain until it is full.


When the Guardian Rank meter is full, it will reset, and you will get a Guardian Token, which you may spend to choose a bonus stat from the Guardian Rank menu.

Each time the bar is full, you will get one Guardian Token, and so on as long as you earn experience.

Bonus Stats for the Guardian Rank


Guardian Tokens are used to buy additional stats that enhance your character, and you may choose from two random options each tree.

A Guardian Token may be used to boost one of the metrics and will be added to each tree, providing additional benefits in the future.

The following are the metrics for each tree that may be improved by using a Guardian Token:



  • Increases the amount of damage delivered when a critical hit is achieved.
  • Grenade Damage — Increases the amount of damage grenades inflict.
  • Gun Damage — Increases the amount of damage done by firearms.
  • Fire Rate of Weapons – Increases the rate at which guns can be fired.
  • Increases the amount of damage delivered by melee attacks.
  • Vehicle Damage 0 Increases the damage of vehicles’ weaponry.



  • Max Health – Increases a character’s maximum health points.
  • Shield Capacity – Increases the number of Shield Points a character has.
  • Shield Recharge Delay – Shortens the time it takes for shields to start recharging when no damage is dealt.
  • Shield Recharge Rate — Increases the rate at which shields replenish when no damage is dealt.
  • When you are downed, the FFYL Duration increases the amount of time you have to gain a second wind or wait for a revive.
  • When you’re downed and fighting for your life, FFYL Movement Speed boosts your movement speed.



  • Accuracy – Improves your weapon’s aim and enables you to strike opponents at a greater distance with more precision.
  • Action Skill Cooldown – Shortens the time it takes for your action skills to become available to use again.
  • Luck (Rare Drop Rate) – Increases your chances of obtaining rarer things.
  • Reload Speed – Allows you to reload your weapons at a faster rate.
  • Recoil Reduction — Improves the handling of your weapons when firing, enabling you to shoot more steadily.

Rewards for the Guardian Rank


You will get additional rewards based on how many tokens you have put in each of the trees and how many points have been collected for each of them, giving you more advantages, depending on how many tokens you have placed in each of them.

Rewards for Enforcer Guardians

  • Skin for the Red Sands weapon — Unlocks the skin for the Red Sands weapon (10 Tokens)
  • Inner Fury – When shooting your weapons during Fight For Your Life, add 10% Gun Damage to your shots (15 Tokens)
  • Overkill – Any extra damage from kills will be applied to your future shots (25 Tokens)
  • Urban Blammo player skin — Gives your character the Urban Blammo player skin (35 Tokens)
  • Every time a shot is fired, C-C-Combo increases gun damage by 2% for 1 second (50 Tokens)
  • When an opponent is killed by a critical hit, a large explosion occurs around them (75 Tokens)

Rewards for Survivor Guardians

  • Weapon skin: Leather And Regret – Unlocks the weapon skin: Leather And Regret (10 Tokens)
  • Resilient – You resurrect with full health and shields after surviving Fight For Your Life (15 points)
  • When you’re in Fight For Your Life, you may use Dead Man’s Hand to aim down the sight.
  • Hex Bolts player skin — Gives your character the Hex Bolts player skin (35 Tokens)
  • Shield Reboot – Your shields will begin to regenerate whenever you kill an opponent (50 Tokens)
  • Shield Recharge Delay and Shield Recharge Rate improves as a result of losing health (75 Tokens)

Rewards for Hunter Guardians

  • Skin for the Dead Set weapon — Unlocks the skin for the Dead Set weapon (10 Tokens)
  • Bullet Collector – When you pick up an ammo pickup, you’ll get 15% more ammunition (15)
  • Tag and Frag – For every ten opponents you kill, a grenade is regenerated (25 Tokens)
  • Burning Bright — Gives your character the Burning Bright player skin (35 Tokens)
  • When you’re at full shields, Topped Off reduces the cooldown of your action abilities (50 Tokens)

Treasure Hunter – After each kill, your luck increases for 10 seconds (75 Tokens)

Maximum Guardian Rank


Borderlands 3 has been patched to limit the maximum Guardian Rank at 850, which has barely been achieved by most legitimate players, but by the time this ceiling is reached, most of the stats will have gained nothing.

Aside from the passive powers and extra weapon and player skins, it is practical to have at least 15% in most attributes to receive a substantial advantage from your Guardian Rank.

Farming Techniques for Guardians


There are numerous methods to earn experience, but some are more effective and may save you a lot of time, allowing you to rapidly increase your Guardian Rank and take on more powerful opponents.

The following are some effective methods to get experience and raise your Guardian Rank:

  • Agricultural Bosses
  • In Mayhem Mode, Farming Enemies
  • Missions in the Circle Of Slaughter
  • Missions in the Proving Grounds

The borderlands 3 guardian rank cap is a guide that will tell you how many Guardian Ranks you can get in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can your guardian rank go in Borderlands 3?

As of now, the highest rank in Borderlands 3 is Legendary.

How do Guardian ranks work in Borderlands 3?

There are 4 different ranks in Borderlands 3. These are the first, second, third, and fourth. The first rank is the lowest rank that you can have. You start off as a first-class citizen of Sanctuary. The second rank you get from completing your first mission for Marcus Kincaid, which is to find out who killed his wife. After that point, youre promoted to the third rank and then to the fourth after completing your fifth mission for Marcus Kincaid.

Is Guardian Rank unlimited?

No. The Guardian Rank is a rank that you can earn by completing certain tasks in the game.

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