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  • Side mission type Mission
  • Promethea is the name of the planet.
  • Meridian Outskirts is a neighborhood in Meridian, Idaho.
  • 11th grade

Claptrap calls you about a 7-year-old offer of assistance and begs you to return the call right now so you can aid the person in need.

You’ve been given the job of tracking down the individual who sent the distress call and assisting them, if they’re still alive.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Leaving For The Rehab Center


Wait for Claptrap to give the mission specifics, which takes a few minutes, or just go left after getting a vehicle after obtaining the assignment.


A waypoint will direct you to the Mt. Schuler Recovery Center, where Ace Baron may be found, so go there and enter.


Ace Baron will inform you that his request was made seven years ago, but you may still assist him since he is low on supplies.

He’ll dispatch you to several places to get medications and blood transfusions.

Medical Supplies Collecting


Your nearest destination is a black-market trader who has some of the goods and is situated in a tiny elevated hut up a ladder.


Ascend the ladder to the black-market vendor to bargain with him, where Ace Baron will advise you to just scare him.


You have the option of threatening him to obtain it for free or paying 1000 dollars and receiving an additional prize afterwards.


Once you’ve decided between the two options, he’ll give you the supplies, which you may take and use to go to your next waypoint.


Get into our vehicle and go to one of the garages indicated by your waypoint, where you must demolish and steal medical supplies from a vehicle carrying opponents with stolen supplies.


The supplies will be dumped when you smash the vehicle, but you don’t have to leave your car to get them; just drive close them and the goods will be instantly looted.


One of the subterranean storage rooms where ratch have invaded a medical supply cache will be your last waypoint for gathering goods.


You have the option of killing the ratch in the area or just grabbing the goods and leaving.


Return to Ace Barron, who will claim that there aren’t enough blood packs and that he will provide the final one if you go to the supply cache and steal the medical supplies.

Bringing the Supplies Back


When you get at the rehabilitation facility, deposit the items you’ve collected in the designated area and go to Ace Barron to assist him in donating some of his own blood.

Ace Barron’s Blood Donation Support


When you get at Ace Barron’s location, he will give you a blood pack, which you will accept.


Ace Barron will take a seat, and you will “carefully” assist him in donating blood and placing it in the blood pack.

You’ll be asked to put the blood pack using the melee key rather than the use key, which may seem odd.


You will chop off his arm when you hit the melee key, and your character will apologize, but the blood pack will still be full.

There is no other way to complete the task, and you’ll end up cutting his arm off anyhow, so proceed as usual.


Take the blood pack that has been filled with Ace Barron’s blood from the ground.


After you hand over the blood bag to Ace Barron, the task will be completed.

Mission Reward for Healers And Dealers


If you accomplish the extra goal, you will get 834 cash as well as a bonus reward of a rare shield mod if you finish the task.



  • Bring a car since you will need to drive from place to location to collect the various medical supplies.
  • The bonus goal just needs 1000 cash, which may be quickly recouped and is suggested for extra incentives.
  • Aside from the big group of ratch, which should not be difficult to kill but rather a vast number that can be quickly taken out with grenades or powerful weaponry, you won’t have any difficult opponents to contend with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete healers and dealers?

To complete healers and dealers, you must score a certain amount of points. Healers require 10k and dealers require 20k.

Should I threaten or pay Hardin?

Threatening Hardin is not a good idea. You should pay him to avoid any problems.

Where do I meet ace Baron?

You can meet him by going to the bar in the plaza of the Beat Saber PS4 Headquarters.

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