Borderlands 3 is finally here and it’s time to take a walkthrough of the game. I’ll be using this guide as a reference point for my playthrough, but I’m not going to talk about every single item in the game. If you want that, check out my other guides on Borderlands 3.

The borderlands 3 homeopathological bug is a glitch in the game that causes players to have an unlimited amount of money.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Nekrotafeyo is a planet.
  • Desolation’s Edge is a location in the game Desolation’s Edge.
  • 36th level

Typhon’s data was handed to a robot named Tern, but this robot ultimately walked out on his own, making him a liability if Maliwan were to catch him and get the data.

Your goal is to track him down and recover the data, whether you have to take it by force or gently.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Visit Tern’s Office


Follow the vending machine’s cord to the power supply, which will be indicated with a waypoint as well.


Continue to the waypoint until you reach Tern’s office, which is located up a flight of stairs and has closed doors.

Tern’s Consultation


In order to communicate with Tern, press the side intercom, which will become green after you get to the spot.


Tern will ask you a few questions and then have you align your energy, which simply involves standing in the waypointed location.


Tern will be inside his office and will talk to you as if you are presently in a session with him, as if you are a psychiatrist.


Tern will have you lay down on the sofa, just as psychiatrists do when diagnosing and speaking with patients.

Of course, you won’t be able to lay down, and your character will make a declaration to that effect.


Tern will ask you to grab some paint from a shelf and express yourself on the wall after you have been unable to lay down to speak with him.


Make a melee assault on the paint-filled pot and go to the path to continue expressing yourself.


You can spatter paint on the wall with melee strikes, and you may do it as much as you like before stopping.


Return to Tern once you’ve finished spreading paint on the wall and talk with him about the next stage.


Tern will urge you to open a nearby red chest to obtain some treasure in an effort to test your fury and control.


As Tern intended, there will be a level 50 common item inside the chest when you open it.

He’ll ask how it makes you feel, and your character will say something about being irritated.

Taking Control Of The Memory Core


Tern will then beg you to put your anger aside and complete the task in a calm manner, although this may be interrupted if you murder him.

He’ll claim he’ll relax his guard, but he’ll fire at you nonetheless, even if you simply try to reload your weapon.

Decide if you want to proceed with the task quietly or just murder Tern.


Pick up Tern’s memory core once he’s been slain, since you’ll need it to return to the robots at the mission’s start.


When you hand over the memory core to Sparrow, the task will be completed and you will be rewarded.

Rewards for the Homeopathological Mission


You’ll be awarded with approximately 10,664 cash and the “Amber Management” assault epic weapon if you complete the Homeopathological quest.



  • You may just sprint to the waypoint where Tern is situated without stopping to check for opponents.
  • The ability to kill turns may make this very simple, and attempting to handle things quietly might take time or possibly get you killed.

The homeopathological borderlands 3 stay peaceful is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3.

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