Borderlands 3 is an action-adventure role-playing game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide on September 13, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The borderlands 3 sacked glitch is a glitch in Borderlands 3 that allows players to get past the level with ease.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Eden-6 is a planet.
  • Reliance is located in the Floodmoor Basin.
  • 25th level

Due to some jabbers in the area, the Witch’s Peat, a pub in Eden-6, has ran into some issues, and Kay needs your assistance to get the bar back up and running.

After you take care of the jabbers and make a few repairs, your goal will be to head over to the bar and straighten things up so the bar can operate smoothly once again.

Walkthrough of the Mission

On My Way To The Witch’s Peat


To get to The Witch’s Peat quickly, take a quick trip to Knotty Peak and instead of using the lift, exit via the front door and sprint to the waypoint.


Ignore the route and leap straight down, which will put you in The Witch’s Peat without requiring you to go a great distance.


When you arrive, Kay will welcome you and give you an update on the situation and why she needs your assistance.

Getting Rid Of The Jabbers


Jabbers will attack you, and you must kill all of them before moving on to the next goal.

Valve Replacement


Apollo, a stronger jabber, will emerge, and you must kill him since he has stolen the coolant valve, which is required for the bar to function.


Grab the coolant valve and go to the waypoint where you’ll need to put it once you’ve slain Apollo.


Interact with the machine to install the valve and utilize it where the waypoint is pointing.

Activating the Breakers


After you’ve installed the coolant valve, go to all three breakers and turn them on to re-energize the system.


The third breaker may seem to be a little difficult to locate, but all you have to do is race up a tree and leap from it to reach it.

Invasion of the Bar


Kay will tell you to go to the bar since she believed everything was figured out, but it turns out she was wrong.


Another jabber, Artemis, will be inside, and you’ll have to deal with her since she’s been making a fuss as well.


Kill Artemis, and the jabber danger will be alleviated, and the bar will be up and running without a hitch.


Kay will thank you for your assistance and give you a week’s supply of beverages, which is a lovely gesture in addition to the mission’s rewards.

Mission Rewards for Irregular Customers


In the Irregular Customers task, after you’ve resolved the jabber issue and repaired the bar, you’ll be awarded with approximately 3,838 cash.



  • It is preferable to just fast travel and leap to save time on the task, since following the route may take a long time and be very complicated.
  • When the waypoints are indicating other objectives, you don’t have to kill all the jabbers and may just speed the task.
  • Unless you have difficulty killing the jabbers, this task may be finished quickly and can be regarded a bonus experience mission due to its simplicity.

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide on September 13, 2019. This guide will cover the Irregular Customers side quest in the game. Reference: borderlands 3 jabbers location.

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