Borderlands 3 is a loot-focused shooter with an emphasis on co-operative play and open world exploration. This walkthrough will detail how to complete all the missions in the game, including story, side quests, and challenges.

The borderlands 3 just desserts no gunpowder is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes information on how to beat the game without using any guns.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Pitt’s Stop is located in the Splinterlands.
  • 26th level

Beatrice wants your assistance in baking a cake and delivering it to the “Fist King” for his birthday.

You’ll be in charge of gathering the required components as well as bringing them to the Fist King as a gift from Beatrice.

Walkthrough of the Mission BJDE-2

After accepting the assignment, the first task Beatrice has given you is to gather a barrel of gunpowder, which is close by, so it’s a smart idea to do it first.


You’ll have to fight a few robbers and climb a ladder to get the “Gunpowder,” which is indicated with a waypoint.


After obtaining the Gunpowder, go to the next location, a spiderant breeding place where you must locate eggs.


Take care of the spiderants inside and look for the destructible egg sacs that are strewn around.

There are three egg sacs in all, two on the upper regions and one on the lower.


Each egg sac will contain four spiderant eggs, but you must first locate and kill them while avoiding spiderants.


After destroying the egg sacs and collecting the “Spiderant Eggs” that drop from them, return to Beatrice.


When you approach Beatrice, give her the ingredients so she may begin preparing the Fist King’s unique dessert.


While Beatrice goes inside to prepare the cake, she asks you to go get some candles from another area of the house.


Bring the candles over to Beatrice, who will instruct you on how to gather the remaining cake pieces.


Collect all three cake pieces, and Beatrice will instruct you to take them all to the Fist King’s location to finish the delivery.


To reach the Fist King’s hideaway, drive over to the waypoint shown on your map and approach it to give over the cake.


Beatrice will show you how to build the cake, instructing you to arrange the layers one by one and the candles (dynamite) on top.


Beatrice will have you ring the bell once you’ve finished assembling the cake so you can give it over to the bandits inside.


The bandits will take the cake as a gift for their Fist King, and Beatrice instructs you to set off the explosives and deliver the cake to the Fist King.


After you’ve detonated the dynamite on the cake, use your melee attack to drive the cart the cake is on over to the Fist King.


The bandits will sing the Fist King a birthday song before the cake explodes, causing the Fist King to exit and burn to death.


Return to Beatrice to finish the task after successfully delivering Beatrice’s surprise for the Fist King.

Mission Reward: Just DessertsBJDE-19

Finishing the Just Deserts task will get you approximately 3,427 coins and the uncommon grenade mod “Chocolate Thunder.”


  • The Gunpowder Barrel is simple to get and may be done first or last by just sprinting across the area and up the stairs, avoiding the bandits in the area.
  • There will be a lot of spiderants in their nesting area, so be prepared with additional firepower.
  • The majority of the task consists of just collecting and delivering items, making it a simple operation to accomplish. However, you must have a car to prevent running long distances.

The Borderlands 3 Just Desserts Collect Candles is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes information on how to collect candles, as well as strategies for each boss fight. Reference: borderlands 3 just desserts collect candles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the gunpowder on Just Desserts?

You can get the gunpowder from a box of baking powder.

How do you get barrel of gunpowder borderlands3?

To get the barrel of gunpowder borderlands3, you must complete the game on any difficulty.

Where is Beatrice Borderlands 3?


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