Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter with RPG elements. The game has been out for over a month and we’ve collected all the information you need to know about Katagawa Ball Guide: How to Kill, Location, Drops & Attacks.

The katagawa ball location is a type of weapon that can be found in Borderlands 3. This guide will show you where to find it, how to kill with it, what drops it has and the attacks that are available.

The Katagawa Ball is a massive death sphere, most likely Katagawa’s counterpart of the Rhys Ball, which Rhys had you assist him in constructing from a sphere you discovered.

In the Space-Laser Tag task, you will encounter the Katagawa Ball, which you must defeat in order to get a vault key piece.


After eliminating the Zanara with the orbital laser, you’ll have to battle Katagawa Ball towards the conclusion of the Space-Laser Tag assignment, which is followed by the Katagawa Ball arriving and destroying Rhys Ball, forcing you to combat it.

Katagawa Ball: Fighting & Killing


Corrosive weapons can cause a lot of damage to the Katagawa Ball’s armor, while shock weapons can do a lot of damage to its shields.

Katagawa Ball will attack you with a variety of assaults, so plan your movements ahead of time and take shelter if you don’t want to take too much damage.

There are certain places that may be utilized as excellent cover for some or even all of Katagawa Ball’s assaults, which is a smart idea since the lack of opponents in the region makes it tough to gain a second wind and can make solo play very difficult.


You can predict which of Katagawa Ball’s assaults will occur based on its movement and the distance it maintains from you.

Breaking its line of sight generally causes its strikes to miss, although you may sometimes pick off a few shots.



The weak point of the Katagawa Ball is its eye in the middle, which may be fired from short to medium ranges.

This may assist you influence the fight’s conclusion by canceling its current assaults, particularly if they continue many seconds.

Attacks of Note

Incendiary Projectile is a kind of incendiary projectile that


When Katagawa Ball’s health is still in the armor phase, one of his basic attacks is to throw an incendiary projectile towards you or your position.

The missile will inflict damage and cause the earth underneath to burn for some time after contact.

Because the missile does not move very quickly, avoid receiving a direct strike by moving out of the path and avoiding staying in the area where it has struck.

Rounds Scattered


Fires numerous missiles in random directions that don’t inflict much damage and don’t strike very well, but may still do a lot of damage if you’re not careful.

Simply shrug off the blows or take cover behind anything that will keep the missiles from getting to you.

Salvo of Rockets


A volley of rockets launched from the sides of the Katagawa Ball, which may be decreased or totally disabled by eliminating the sides first.

This may deliver a lot of area damage and, if you are struck many times, it can kill you immediately.

Always pay attention to what Katagawa says to determine whether he intends to conduct such an assault, and always be prepared to shelter behind an item that can shield the front-facing explosives.

Beam Directional


An elemental beam that may be launched in four directions and directed towards your position for a brief period of time.

Hide behind anything that can block the beam to defend yourself, but if there is a gap nearby, the beam may have an area of impact and do significant damage to your health or shields.

Tendrils of the Elemental


As Katagawa Ball goes wild, tendril-like beams emerge, destroying whatever they come into contact with, which may do a lot of damage if you don’t keep out of the path.

This typically happens after Katagawa Ball’s first shield’s armor has been exhausted and he is down to his last shield.

To avoid receiving too much damage, just maintain a safe distance and hide behind a barrier.

Projectile of the Elemental


Similar to Incendiary Projectile, but Katagawa Ball will lob forth several projectiles with various elemental characteristics, leaving their current status effect in the region of contact.

To avoid any needless damage, get out of the path and avoid the area of impact, just like you would with Incendiary Projectiles.

Shock Zone


If you stay too close to Katagawa Ball, it will create a field that does shock damage to anyone around, which may quickly deplete shields or health.

This may be prevented by fleeing or canceling the assault with a critical hit.

Be aware that this assault may sneak up on you via barriers, so it’s better to put some space between yourself and the attacker rather than attempting to hide.

Tendrils with Multiple Elements


Katagawa Ball will lash out with numerous tendrils of various elements inflicting damage and virtually going ballistic during the final bar of shields.

Maintain a safe distance and fire at it until it is cancelled or Katagawa Ball is destroyed.

Drops of Note


Katagawa Ball often drops common to uncommon boss gear, with a higher chance of dropping the legendary sub machine gun “Tsunami” than other legendary weapons.



  • It’s recommended not to go head-to-head with Katagawa Ball, particularly if you’re on the same level or aren’t properly equipped, owing to the tremendous damage it may inflict on your character.
  • Utilize cover and seek for places to hide, as well as kite its pathing to avoid taking damage in the open.
  • To prevent suffering too much damage, try to get critical strikes as frequently as possible to cancel off as many of its assaults as possible.
  • Bring a corrosive weapon for the armor and a shock weapon for the shields if you want to inflict additional damage to it.

Katagawa Balls are found in the game Borderlands 3. They are an item that can be thrown at enemies to kill them, but also have a chance of dropping a rare item. The katagawa ball cheese is one of these items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to kill a Katagawa ball?


What can Katagawa ball drop?

Katagawa ball is a type of Japanese candy.

Does Katagawa ball drop a legendary?

No, Katagawa ball does not drop a legendary.

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