This is the Katagawa Jr. Guide for Borderlands 3. This guide will cover how to kill, location, drops and attacks for this new game.

The borderlands 3 katagawa jr location is a new Borderlands 3 guide that will help players kill, locate, and drop enemies.

Katagawa Jr is a boss in the Atlas, At Last quest who has disguised up like Zer0 and is trying to utilize the same technology with a similar outfit as Zer0.

He’ll wear a similar costume to Zer0’s, but with a different color scheme, and fight in a cowardly manner.


Towards the conclusion of the Atlas, At Last mission, you will encounter Katagawa Jr, who tries to murder Rhys but is stopped by Zer0, who teleports Rhys to safety while leaving you in control of Katagawa Jr.

Katagawa Jr. Fights and Kills


Katagawa Jr will not battle you directly, preferring to break up into doppelgängers and attack you from all angles.

Suffer bullets at each until you see his actual life meter on your HUD take damage, and then keep shooting or assaulting him until you find out which one is the genuine one.

He will attack you repeatedly at melee range once his health bar is extremely low, making it simpler to kill him and finish him out.

He may be one of the most vexing adversaries to face, but he’s very simple to dispatch with a sniper rifle or other weapon capable of doing significant damage from distance.


Although he doesn’t cause much damage, if you’re a lower level, it’s a good idea to take cover while shooting at each of his false duplicates in the hopes of finding the actual one.


Shoot the electrical generators strewn around the area to do more damage to him, particularly if he’s standing in the center of it or on specific towers.



Katagawa Jr’s weak point, like that of most humanoid opponents, is his head, and delivering damage to that area of him may cause him to stumble and deal a significant amount of damage.

Picking shots with a powerful and precise weapon may quickly deplete his health and kill him.

Attacks of Note

Grenade of Smoke


Katagawa Jr will throw what seems to be a smoke grenade, which will blanket an area with smoke and a hazy field.

You may simply flee or walk away, but keep an eye out for Katagawa Jr, who may attempt to attack you at melee range if he uses this attack.

Attack with a Melee Teleport


When Katagawa Jr’s health is low, he will constantly teleport and attack you with melee attacks.

Simply timing your shots and wait for him to arrive in order to finish the battle swiftly and kill him before he raises his shields and attacks from afar again.

Drops of Note


Most of the time, Katagawa Jr will drop common to uncommon goods, with a greater probability of dropping the legendary sniper rifle “Firestorm” than other legendary weapons.



  • If you aim for the head and use a powerful weapon that can strike him from afar, Katagawa Jr won’t be difficult to kill.
  • Bringing a shock weapon and an incendiary weapon with you may help you quickly deplete his shields and health.
  • Bringing long-range weaponry like sniper rifles and scoped rifles may help you beat Katagawa Jr. much faster.

The borderlands 3 how to beat katagawa jr is a guide for players on how to kill, location, drops and attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to kill Katagawa Jr?

The fastest way to kill him is to use the shotgun, but its not recommended because you will be charged with a crime.

How do you kill Katagawa Jr in Borderlands 3?

You can kill him by shooting a grenade launcher at his head.

How do you kill Katagawa JR again?

You cant kill him, he is immortal.

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